A Mysterio Figure To Make That Money In Your Wallet An Illusion

A Mysterio Figure To Make That Money In Your Wallet An Illusion

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our regular round up of the coolest toys making hefty dents into our life savings lately. This week: Mysterio floats into Hot Toys’ Marvel line, enter the Age of Resistance with an incredible Dark Crystal puppet, and Lego is already getting us in the Christmas mood. Check it out!

Hot Toys Sixth-Scale Spider-Man: Far From Home Mysterio Figure

Mysterio might have one of the best costumes in… well, what was once a united Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who knows what the future holds for Spider-Man, but you can put aside all that boardroom drama and instead relish in Hot Toys’ downright magical take on Quentin Beck.

The figure comes with, of course, various hands for Beck to dramatically pose as if he’s casting magic; an alternate, currently-unrevealed unmasked head; two magical effects; and…well, that’s kind of all you need, really. He’s a man with a shiny fishbowl for a superhero mask, what more do you want — a dramatic, fog-swirled stand to pose him standing on or even flying above? Oh, well, you get that too, no illusion required.

Maybe you will need one of you pretending to own this figure for a bit though, because, after you’ve thrown down around $380 for it, it’s not due out till the summer of 2021. Good things come to those who wait, and all that.

[Hot Toys]

Lego Creator Expert Gingerbread House

If you’ve been faithfully collecting Lego’s Christmas village sets over the past few years, by now you’ve probably got a sprawling brick-built community under your tree, including a toy shop, a holiday-themed railway, and now a 1,477-piece gingerbread house that looks straight out of a fairy tale. Available starting October 1 for $160, the set includes a couple of gingerbread minifigures (and a flat tile baby!) plus a bunch of questionably practical accessories including a chocolate bed, a cotton candy lamp, and a toilet that may or may not be made out of marshmallow. Who’s brave enough to find out?

The Dark Crystal Fizzgig Deluxe Puppet

The site might be gone but the spirit of ThinkGeek — namely an endless supply of collectibles you don’t really need filling your already cluttered shelves but couldn’t possible survive without — lives on with this furry, functional, and officially-licensed Fizzgig puppet that was designed using the Jim Henson Company’s official Dark Crystal assets by Chronicle Collectibles. The giant mop of fur looks downright cuddly until it opens its mouth to reveal multiple sets of razor sharp teeth. But even that’s not as concerning as this puppet’s $US120 ($175) price tag.

Editor’s Note: Given that this is a product of GameStop, it may turn up at our EB Games or Zing Pop Culture.

Legacy of Revoltech Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Figure

You should be willing to overlook the fact that this Legacy of Revoltech figure features a Buzz Lightyear face sculpt that looks more like a caricature of the character than a perfect recreation of the space ranger from the Toy Story movies. It makes up for that artistic licensing with 19 points of articulation despite standing just a little shy of five inches tall.

Accessories are sparse for a $100 figure, including a handful of green army men, a pair of detachable wings, and an arm that can be popped off to recreate scenes from the original Toy Story. But it does include a pair of swappable faces with eyes that can even be individually repositioned.

DC Collectibles DC Prime: Batman Action Figure

First revealed at the New York Toy Fair earlier this year, DC Collectible’s nine inch DC Prime Batman figure officially arrives next month for around $180. In addition to armour that looks like Bruce Wayne has Tony Stark envy, the figure includes 23 points of articulation, multiple swappable hands, three interchangeable heads, and a wire supported cape for recreating the perfect brooding pose.

BMC Toys Plastic Army Women

You’d be forgiven for assuming that, in this day and age, plastic green army soldier toys represented the broad demographics of U.S. military forces — but apparently that’s not the case. After receiving letters from a U.S. Navy veteran and a six year old girl, BMC Toys, one of the country’s leading producers of the classic green army men figurines, is finally introducing female troops. The designs aren’t finalised yet (the image above represents some of the prototypes BMC Toys’ artists have created) but the company expects to officially deploy them sometime in 2020 as a $20, 24-pack featuring women in uniform in various poses of weapon use.

S.H. Figuarts Avengers Endgame War Machine

Poor Rhodey might always play second fiddle to Iron Man in the movies, but… well, actually, the same applies to him in the toys, as we’re only just getting an Endgame War Machine for the Figuarts line, months after the movie and well after multiple Iron Man ones. And it’s not even the bulked out, tankbusting version from the final battle, just his usual suit!

Still, Figuarts’ War Machine makes up for it by being a great looking little figure — the blocky, angular lines of the War Machine suits have always made for better toys than the sleek lines of modern Iron Man suits, and that still is the case here, it’s just that now he also comes jam packed with extra hands, FX pieces to recreate him firing or taking flight, and a nifty little posable shoulder canon. War Machine will cost you roughly $90 when he hits Bandai’s Premium Web storefront in February 2020. [Toyark]

NECA IT: Chapter Two Life-Size Foam Pennywise Replica Figure

Halloween is almost a month and a half away, and if you haven’t even started planning the appropriate decor for your home, NECA’s got you covered with what is possibly the creepiest collectible based on IT Chapter Two: a life-size replica of Pennywise the clown. Standing over six feet tall, it’s made from foam rubber and latex so it’s easy to manoeuvre (and hide in a closet every night), and features hand-painted detailing. NECA hasn’t released pricing details yet, and sadly you’ll have to save this one for your Halloween 2020 plans as availability doesn’t start until February of next year.

Editor’s Note: If this figure does ship to Australia, expect the postage to be exorbitantly expensive.