These Incredible Star Wars, Spider-Man, And Jaws Posters Are Available Right Now

These Incredible Star Wars, Spider-Man, And Jaws Posters Are Available Right Now

It’s rare that you can buy not one, not two, but three absolutely incredible, limited edition posters at the same time ” but today is one of those days.

From now until Thursday, you can buy a Star Wars: The Last Jedi poster by Rory Kurtz, a Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse poster by Martin Ansin, and a Jaws poster by Anthony Petrie as timed edition screenprints. That means the companies releasing them will make as many as they sell, but when the sale ends, the posters won’t be printed again.

First up, we’ll start with The Last Jedi. The poster is called “True Enemy” and it’s by artist Rory Kurtz. It’s a 60 x 91cm screenprint that costs $146 (because it takes 18 layers to make each poster) and it’s on sale at this link. (A variant without titles was sold at MondoCon in Austin, but that was a run of only 225).

“I feel like there’s so much more to The Last Jedi that runs beneath the surface,” Kurtz told Gizmodo via email. “It’s unpredictable and moody with ambitions beyond running the same story points over and over. While there’s a lot of controversy over the directions it takes, visually it jumps off the screen. And I loved the risks it took. The moment Rey and Kylo fought back to back, I was sold on it. Their arc together is the lifeblood of this new series.”

Next up is Jaws. The poster in question is called “Chum Chart” and it’s by artist Anthony Petrie. Now, if you think you’re having déjà vu, you aren’t.

This is an update of a poster that was released in 2015. However, that poster was very limited, has long since sold out, and has since become highly collectible. And yet Petrie kept getting emails asking for a re-release. He couldn’t just do that, of course. So instead, he and the team at the Bottleneck Gallery got it officially licensed by Amblin and Universal, which meant the official title and credits could be put on. It’s also a slightly different colour.

“Chum Chart” is a 90 x 61cm screenprint that costs $73 and will be on sale at this link. Here’s the poster.

Finally, here’s a gorgeous take on our favourite movie of 2018, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Artist Martin Ansin absolutely knocked it out of the park with this vibrant, energetic interpretation of the film, filled with winks, nods and Easter eggs. It’s a 60 x 91cm screenprint that costs $87 It’ll be on sale at this link.

If any of these posters were set to a specific number, they would have sold out in seconds. But now, if you want, you can get them all. How awesome is that?

Again: The Last Jedi at this link, Jaws at this link, and Spider-Verse at this link.

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