The Wildest Gadgets We Saw At Europe’s Biggest Tech Show

The Wildest Gadgets We Saw At Europe’s Biggest Tech Show

Last week we were been wandering the halls of IFA – the biggest tech show in Europe.

In addition to seeing a plethora of foldables, rollables and 8K screens, we bore witness to some weird and wonderful gadgets you need to see to believe.

We now present them to you with very little comment.

Tailed Cushion

It vibrated slightly and wagged its little tail differently depending how you patted it.

The tagline was “To heal your heart” and you know what, they were right. My broken soul loves it.

Smelly Phone Cases

Yeah, they really did smell like the thing they said they would. Including the weed model. The coffee was real good.

Concentration Headphones

These are basically just headphones with a curved panel attached so you can’t see anything but what is in front of you.

They’re deeply reminiscent of the Sensory Deprivator 5000 from How I Met Your Mother.

Wine Tech

This gadget detects the tannin in your wine and lets you know about other drops you might like. It only works with red wine, though.

Extremely Extra Toothbrushes

This company made a super fancy electric toothbrush that comes with a very fancy charging case.

It also has a separate device that cleans the head of the brush in a way that can be best described as a ‘toothbrush spa’.

I genuinely loved these and want them for traveling.

AR Exercise Equipment

It turns exercise into AR games and my core hurts.

Bendable Vibrator

We wrote about this company last week and after having chatted with them at their booth I respect what they do even more.

Not only does the company create high tech sex toys(they invented their own wire so the bendable vibrator would bend the way it does), they are advocates for physical and mental sexual health and dedicate a tonne of time to charities and working with health professionals.

Keep your eyes peeled for more on them in the coming weeks.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”Germany’s Biggest Tech Show Is Getting Sexy With This Bendy Bullet Vibrator” excerpt=”CES might have a problem with vibrators, but IFA sure doesn’t. Europe’s premier consumer tech show had zero problems with MysteryVibe announcing the Poco ” a little bendy bullet vibrator that according to the company, can be “shaped as a wearable.””]

The author traveled to IFA 2019 as a guest of Lenovo.

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