How Elizabeth Hurley’s Magical Arrival Steps Up Runaways’ Game

How Elizabeth Hurley’s Magical Arrival Steps Up Runaways’ Game

Marvel and Hulu’s Runaways has adapted some really cool stuff from the comics (see: Old Lace) but so far it’s kept things mysterious as far as magic is concerned. Thankfully, the arrival of Elizabeth Hurley’s Morgan le Fay next season leaves little doubt: Magic is real.

Gizmodo had the cast and executive producers in our studio at New York Comic Con to chat all things season three. Besides the upcoming Cloak & Dagger crossover, that included the anticipated arrival of Hurley into the mix and what it could mean for our young runaways.

Here’s what producer Josh Schwartz and actors Gregg Sulkin (Chase), Lyrica Okano (Nico), Virginia Gardner (Karolina) and Allegra Acosta (Molly) had to say.

Josh Schwartz: Elizabeth Hurley is so amazing this year on the show. We gave her some wild stuff to do, and she’s just wonderful and owns it, and you just believe her as Morgan le Fay the minute she comes on screen, her relationship with Nico. There’s a really compelling through-line and how that challenges the Nico-Karolina relationship, and we just couldn’t be happier or more excited for everyone to see her version of Morgan le Fay.

Gregg Sulkin: To actually get to work with Elizabeth, it was amazing because she is so nice. Obviously, you know, we’re all friends, and we’re all colleagues, and for her to come in and just kind of just fit into our group and be so lovely, but also be so evil at the same time, was great.

Lyrica Okano: It’s not a spoiler to say that this season is very much about how two worlds collide: the magic world and also the world of science, and how that can kind of effect everybody’s journey. Yeah, I think Nico is on a mission to find [her friends] no matter what. She’ll do anything to get them back, and that involves a lot of magic.

Virginia Gardner: And then also, the deeper Nico gets into magic and the more she works with Elizabeth, or Morgan le Fay [laughing] ” the more anxious that I get that I’m losing her, and I’m losing her to the dark side.

Allegra Acosta: If I could say it in the safest way possible, we’re broadening our universe this whole season. I think we’re opening our eyes, and I think that comes with growing. The world looks so huge when you’re young, but when we jump into this element of magic, and witchcraft… just being a superhero, that universe kind of strikes us back.

Runaways season three comes to Foxtel on December 26.

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