Uber’s Making It Easier To Bring Your Pet For The Ride — And Don’t You Dare Ruin This For Me

Uber’s Making It Easier To Bring Your Pet For The Ride — And Don’t You Dare Ruin This For Me

One of the downsides of being a pet owner without a vehicle at your disposal is that getting around in a pinch typically means you’re at the mercy of someone willing to transport the two of you in good faith. community guidelines.

As a pet owner myself, I’ve certainly taken more than a few rides accompanied by my dog with Uber or Lyft. Each trip requires a multi-step process that involves booking the trip, waiting to be paired with a driver, contacting the driver to ask if they are comfortable transporting a medium-sized dog in their vehicle, and potentially repeating the process over again should that person ” very understandably, mind you ” decline the trip. It’s a very small inconvenience for me as a rider given that drivers were, before the launch of this pilot in the U.S., taking on more risks of potential damage to their vehicles with no extra benefit every time they let an animal into their car.

Uber does track something called completion rates for its drivers, meaning rides that they’ve both accepted and completed. The Uber spokesperson said under its normal system, it assesses cancellations on a case-by-case basis, though the spokesperson declined to specify what threshold drivers must meet to remain in good standing with the company. If drivers in cities where the pilot is being conducted decide to opt-in to Uber Pet, the spokesperson said they will not be penalised for denying passengers with pets that can’t be accommodated.

This feature may help riders connect with drivers who are willing and capable of transporting pets while also sparing those who don’t want to transport animals from having to cancel on already accepted rides. As a dog owner, I don’t mind paying a couple more bucks to my driver for the ride. This system seems not only fair but better for all involved parties.

Ultimately, though, it’s the job of riders not to be arseholes. So if you do plan on bringing your pet along for the ride, make sure you take any measures necessary to avoid making a mess of a driver’s car. Ask where it’s appropriate for the animal to sit or stand in the vehicle. And be considerate to the fact that after you exit the car, someone will likely be getting in right after you. And for god’s sake, tip your driver.

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