Here’s How To Do A Burnout In A Shelby GT500

Here’s How To Do A Burnout In A Shelby GT500

So you just came home with your new, 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. What’s the first thing you do with it? A burnout, of course.

Modern Mustangs have a fun and handy little line lock feature for this very purpose, and the GT500 is no exception. Basically, line lock lets you lock the front brakes independently from the rears so you can spin the rear wheels without completely melting the brakes.

It is 100 per cent for fun and warming up your back tires. You know, if you need that sort of thing in life.

Setting it up is easy. Make sure the wheel is straightened out (and that there is a good amount of road in front of you, just in case) and put the car into Drag Strip Mode. Hit “OK” to verify that you know that you are about to something risky and then hit the Shelby icon on the steering wheel.

You’ll go into “Track Apps” and scroll down to “Line Lock.” From there, hold the OK button until the picture of the spinning wheel fully appears. Release OK and then press the brake down as firmly as you can. And I mean it; act like you’re fixing to push it out through the floor. You’ll see another prompt to hit OK after that. Do it, but do not let your foot off the brake.

Keep in mind that line lock sometimes won’t activate if the car isn’t properly warmed up. Casually drive it around for a little bit first and then you should be good to go.

Once you’ve activated line lock, you can remove your foot from the brake. You’ll have 15 seconds do to do your big gnarly burnout to the joy all your neighbourhood friends like the cops, pre-school teachers and dog walkers. You’ll be the talk of the town! Everyone who says they don’t like noise just hasn’t heard a supercharged V8 at full chat before. Introduce them, it’s your duty.

Check out our video if you’re more of a visual learner. Stay for my quarter-mile run at the end.

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