Lost In Space’s Stars Talked To Us About Growing The Family Bond In Season 2

Lost In Space’s Stars Talked To Us About Growing The Family Bond In Season 2

Lost in Space is getting ready to come back with season two, in which we find the Robinsons more lost than ever before. But now that the group are officially on their own, how is that going to affect their family dynamic? And, perhaps even more important: Is the chicken ok?

Earlier this year, Gizmodo sat down with the stars of Lost in Space at New York Comic Con to chat about what fans can expect from season two. The family will be facing more challenges, with Parker Posey’s Dr. Smith sure to complicate things as the ship’s “bad child,” but the thing that isn’t in doubt is the love the family has for each other”something the cast says reflects their bond in real life. Be sure to watch the video for more. We’ve also provided the transcript below.

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Molly Parker, actor Maureen Robinson: They are more lost than they’ve ever been I think. Yeah, so the end of season one, it seems like they go through a wormhole? I don’t know what the technical term is, but they end up somewhere else and I think when we pick up at season two, it’s sort of seven months later. We started shooting in Iceland, so it sort of has this very other-worldly look to it.

Mina Sundwall, actor Penny Robinson: We got together and on the first day, we were all in Iceland, and it kind of felt like this big family reunion, or when you haven’t seen friends in a really long time, and then you immediately click back into your routine. And jet-lagged together, which was fantastic for moods. In spacesuits. So we were actually just grouchy all of season two.

Taylor Russell, actor Judy Robinson: Our ability to grow together, and being together for such a long time, in a small space. I don’t know, there’s more I guess trust that gets built, then you know your family better. I don’t know if you’d have that opportunity on Earth, cause you wouldn’t be together as much, right? You kind of do your own thing but we are stuck. We’re stuck together. For better or for worse. Stuck in space.

Parker Posey, actor Dr. Smith: Well, it’s been seven months, I think, that she’s been locked up, but she remains locked up and she’s very agile and flexible so she can sneak into little areas and get a fingernail file and maybe open something up. She’s really crafty so that’s fun. I can hide things in my wardrobe and no one knows, and figure things out and kind of be the bad child, which is fun to play. Penny, it’s her job to look after me, and bring me my meals, and open up the airlock and let me out, and let’s just say, they could’ve kept a better watch on my character.

io9’s Beth Elderkin (off camera): All right, so Ignacio”

Ignacio Serricchio, actor Don West: Yes?

io9: Big important question. Is the chicken ok?

Serricchio: (sigh, followed by laughter from castmates) Yes the chicken’s fine. He is, he is not. It’s like, still very mysterious to me to be honest with you. There’s a lot we don’t know, past wise, and uses humour as a defence mechanism, and the chicken is the only thing he’s got. The only real, real, real, real, real, real”

Posey: Also a winning personality! What are you talking about?

Serricchio: The chicken or me? I’m sorry.

Lost in Space returns to Netflix with season two on December 24.

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