Stephen King’s Jerusalem’s Lot Is Set To Become A Gothic Horror Series Starring Adrien Brody

Stephen King’s Jerusalem’s Lot Is Set To Become A Gothic Horror Series Starring Adrien Brody

It’s been about five minutes since the last Stephen King adaptation was announced, so as the law of the land dictates, here’s another one for the files: Jerusalem’s Lot. The supernaturally troubled town, which just got quite the spotlight on Hulu’s Castle Rock, is getting its own series with an Oscar-winning star attached.

Deadline reports Adrien Brody will lead Jerusalem’s Lot, a 10-episode series based on the King short story that’s coming to Epix, the network that brought us Pennyworththough Jerusalem’s Lot will be the first in-house project for its newly launched Epix Productions. Behind the scenes, the show has some confirmed King fans on its roster. Peter Filardi (who will co-write with his brother Jason Filardi; they’ll also co-showrun) previously worked with King on the 2004 TNT miniseries ‘Salem’s Lot, which was overseen by Michael Wright, who’s now the head of Epix.

Though we did just see a modern version of Jerusalem’s Lot (with glimpses of its very sinister past) on the recently wrapped second season of Hulu’s Castle Rock, this new series sounds like it won’t be treading too much familiar ground.

As Deadline reports, according to Wright, the series will have a “classic gothic horror” feel; it’ll take place in the 1850s as Brody’s character, Captain Charles Boone, moves to Preacher’s Corners, Maine with his three kids after the death of his wife. There, “Charles will soon have to confront the secrets of his family’s sordid history, and fight to end the darkness that has plagued the Boones for generations.” (If you’ve read the original King story, which serves as a prequel to ‘Salem’s Lot, you have a good idea as to what that “sordid history” is referring to; insert witchy cackle here.)

While the river of King adaptations is still flowing at full force, the historic setting combined with Brody’s powerful charisma seems to bode especially well for this one. Jerusalem’s Lot will be filmed in Nova Scotia next autumn and is aiming for a spring 2020 debut on Epix.