There’s Another Star Wars Finale This Week: Star Wars Resistance

There’s Another Star Wars Finale This Week: Star Wars Resistance

Skywalker Saga? Done. The Mandalorian? Done, for now. Kenobi? Well, we’ll have to wait and see. And now, another Star Wars finale is coming your way: Star Wars Resistance.

The series finale of Star Wars Resistance airs this Sunday, January 26, on Disney XD. It’s a show that’s absolutely had its ups and downs but, even in its worst times, has illuminated a sliver of Star Wars fans rarely get to see: the day-to-day. The show follows the Colossus, a large landing platform where many people live and make a living. So the show often showed people shopping, heading to the bar for a drink, gambling, racing, etc. That was all the backdrop for a more traditional, but still unique, Star Wars story about a reluctant Resistance spy named Kazuda Xiono who uncovers several First Order plots, both on the Colossus and in other places. Along the way, we met all sorts of fascinating characters on both sides of the war in a story that began slightly before The Force Awakens and will end, we think, slightly before The Rise of Skywalker.

Leading into the finale, Disney has released a little sizzle reel, showing this season’s biggest cameo yet: Supreme Leader Kylo Ren.

How will Ren’s orders to his First Order soldiers impact the Colossus? Will the Resistance finally feature more prominently on Resistance? And is there a chance things could even speed up to Exegol? We’ll all find out together on Sunday.

For more Resistance read our coverage below. And check back Monday for a breakdown of the end of Star Wars Resistance.