This Portable Peep Hole Is An Airbnb Guest’s Dream

This Portable Peep Hole Is An Airbnb Guest’s Dream

Every company wants to join the smart home party, but Body Guardz, previously known for its smartphone screen protectors and cases, has shown up to CES 2020 with some genuinely innovative smart home devices, including a portable over-the-door security camera (helpfully called the Portable Over-Door Camera) that will provide some extra safety and security the next time you’re staying at an Airbnb.

Using a sturdy metal bracket the device can be easily installed by simply slipping it over the top of most doors—no tools required. On one side is a wide-angle camera that captures everything or everyone on the outside of the door, while on the other side is an LCD display with a live feed of the external camera, as well as an additional camera pointed inside.

When the doorbell rings the device can be used to instantly see who it is without having to unlock and open the door, while a microphone and speaker facilitates two-way communications without having to awkwardly shout through the door.

The battery-powered device is rechargeable, and in addition to functioning as a digital peephole, it can also connect to a home’s Wi-Fi network, allowing both cameras to be remotely accessed and monitored from a smartphone app, including two-way communications with the unit. It even offers cloud recording so that users can store and later review hours of footage in the event of an incident. At $US280 ($404) it’s definitely one of the pricier travel accessories you’ll need to make room for in your suitcase, but there are more than enough nightmarish AirBNB stories out there to make this one worth serious consideration.

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