This Week’s Best Toys Include America’s Arse And So Many Batmans (So Many)

This Week’s Best Toys Include America’s Arse And So Many Batmans (So Many)

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round-up of all the cool new toys we’ve seen on the internet lately. And by lately, we mean “already starting to write our Christmas 2020 gift lists!” This week, we’ve got not one, but two big new DC Comics lines revealed, a most impressive Star Wars model kit, and Hot Toys taking on the arse of a nation. Check it out!

Bandai Spirits Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Kylo Ren Twelfth-Scale Model Kit

Not content with releasing intricate articulated figures of Star Wars characters, Bandai also has a line of model kits that lets you build the intricate articulated figures of Star Wars characters too, and it’s now all on board with the latest film in the saga. Of course, the re-masked Kylo Ren is an easy choice for the model line’s first Rise of Skywalker figure, thanks to his helmeted visage, but hey, who’s gonna say no to another cool looking Kylo figure?

The kit comes with additional hands to pose the Supreme Leader gripping his lightsaber or reaching out through the Force, and as well as a cloth cape to drape over his shoulders. There’s an extra piece to depict him with his hood up too, presumably getting his brood on. If you want to build your own Ben Solo, he’ll set you back around $55, and is available now. [BBTS via The Fwoosh]

ThreeZero Bumblebee DLX Scale Collectible Series Soundwave and Ravage

Bumblebee finally delivered a Transformers movie that didn’t feel like we had sold out our childhoods as we left the theatre. But the film’s opening sequences, featuring a battle between Autobots and Decepticons on Cybertron, gave a glimpse at just how wonderful a Transformers film could be, including updated versions of fan-favourites Soundwave and Ravage that pay homage to the original ‘80s toy line. ThreeZero’s 11-inch tall figures of the duo don’t actually transform, but they include loads of articulation, die-cast metal parts, and LED illuminated features. Although, at about $290 for the pair, a little transforming wouldn’t hurt.

Spin Master DC Comics Figures

A little over a year after it was revealed that Spin Master would be taking over the DC Comics toy licence from Mattel, the company has revealed its first line-up of figures which mostly focuses on the Batman universe, but also includes other select DC stalwarts like Superman, The Flash, and Shazam. At launch, which will presumably be closer to Toy Fair 2020 in New York next month, the lineup will include 12-inch, four-inch, and two-inch figurines, as well as vehicles, games, and puzzles.

Super7 My Pet Monster ReAction Figures

Super7 continues to dig real deep in the classic ‘80s toys record bin for its 3.75-inch tall ReAction figures line. The latest addition is a pair of My Pet Monster (a monster of a friend!) figures featuring the character’s broken shackles, and his bizarre My Football Monster Phase. ReAction Cabbage Patch Kids, Strawberry Shortcake, and Rainbow Brite figures can’t be far behind.

Hot Toys Avengers: Endgame 2012 Captain America

Not content with releasing a bazillion Iron Men, Hot Toys’ Endgame line continues with another re-release: this time Captain America as he appeared in the first Avengers movie. Or, more specifically, Endgame-era Cap wearing the uniform he wore in that first Avengers, as part of the team’s bonkers timey-wimey plan to reunite the Infinity Stones.

It essentially means you get to put a new Captain America head sculpt on top of the familiar uniform to call it a day, but Hot Toys at least gives you a bunch of accessories to make up for that. Steve comes with his shield, of course, as well as Loki’s staff, complete with its own little carrying case. As well as a bunch of alternate hands for posing, there’s also a masked helmet, so, really, if you had the spare change, you could buy two and have them fight each other!

Also, I cannot stress this enough, but the press material for this action figure includes the phrase that this toy has “a muscular body with enhanced articulation portraying Captain America’s toned body.” They know what they’re talking about here. Anyhoo, if you want your very own plastic rendition of the United States’ finest rear, Endgame But Also Avengers Sort Of Captain America will be out in the middle of 2021.

McFarlane DC Multiverse Action Figures

If you were unsatiated by Spin Master’s offering of so many Batman figures in their new DC Comics line, well, McFarlane has you covered too. Although it’s been known for a while that the toymaker had gotten a hold of the licence, it’s finally revealed the first look at its new wave of “DC Multiverse” action figures, due this month. Taking a leaf from former licensor Mattel (and even a toy line name!) this series of 7-inch scale action figures draws upon multiple corners of the DC world—not just the comics, but the TV shows and cartoons.

The first wave does, unsurprisingly, lean on the Batman stable for characters—not only is Bruce himself represented in The Animated Series and comics forms, there’s figures of Harley Quinn (ostensibly comics-inspired, but with a face sculpt that looks a lot like her animated counterpart), Nightwing, Rebirth Batgirl, and even variants like the Hellbat armour suit or the alt-reality, Joker-esque Batman Who Laughs. It’s not all Gothamite glory, however: also included are the Justice League animated series’ John Stewart Green Lantern, Arrow’s version of Oliver Queen, and three versions of Superman: a version inspired by the modern comics, an armoured iteration from Superman Unchained, and a version inspired by Superman: The Animated Series.

Collecting every figure in the line lets you build a scaled model of the Batmobile, but if you wanted to put your figures in a vehicle actually scaled to their size, McFarlane is also releasing a 7-inch scaled Bat-Raptor bike, based on the one in the Batman Who Laughs comic miniseries. The figures in McFarlane’s DC multiverse line will set you back between $30 and $36 each, while the Bat-Raptor itself will cost about $36. [Toyark]