Bathtub Logistics Stopped Henry Cavill From Truly Recreating The Witcher’s Thirstiest Moment

Bathtub Logistics Stopped Henry Cavill From Truly Recreating The Witcher’s Thirstiest Moment

Henry Cavill is not just The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia, he is perhaps one of the biggest Witcher dorks around (metaphorically and, uh, literally). So it is perhaps unsurprising that the only regret he has about the show’s take on The Witcher 3‘s bathtime antics is that it wasn’t 100 per cent accurate to the game.

Ever since we first saw a glimpse of Netflix’s interpretation of the fantasy world of Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher novels, we’d been hoping to see the show bring us the infamous, sexy-as-all-hell meme from The Witcher 3: Bathtub Geralt. Our wishes were granted by the show, and it was indeed delectable. However, beefcake purists were perhaps a tad disappointed that Cavill didn’t actually recreate Geralt’s specific bathtub pose from The Witcher 3‘s opening moments—a pose that became so iconic Dark Horse literally turned it into a statue.

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Yes, the abs were there. The bathtub was there. But the feet? Nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t just extremely thirsty Witcher fans that noticed, however; Cavill also regretted that he couldn’t match Geralt’s exact state of bathtime bliss. “I was trying to put my feet up, and I couldn’t,” Cavill recently told BBC Radio One. “The bath was the wrong shape. But I thought that might have been a bit much as well.”

Now now, Henry, there is no such thing as too much in this regard. You’re just trying to be dedicated to the source material!

As a fan of the games through and through, however, Cavill knew that from the get-go, exact pose or otherwise, the shot would become one of The Witcher’s biggest hits. “I don’t know how many people realised how iconic it was, that there was already a visual attached,” Cavill said of his headspace while filming the scene. “And so, when I was getting into that bath, I was sitting there thinking, ‘I wonder if anyone knows how much this is going to explode, this particular scene.’”

I wonder if he knew he’d be upstaged in the meme game by a catchy bard ditty, however.