Intrepid Fans Found A Set Of Hidden Trailers For Westworld Season 3

Intrepid Fans Found A Set Of Hidden Trailers For Westworld Season 3

Remember Incite, Inc.? The undoubtedly evil corporation, likely featuring in Westworld’s third season and that sponsored a real panel and got a real website a few months back? Turns out, that website was good for something after all!

As reported by Westworld Watchers, a Reddit user by the name of MTC_Chickpea found more, secret trailers hidden on the Incite, Inc. website. There are three in total, that appear under certain conditions on the site—you can check out MTC_Chickpea’s post here for more info.

The three new trailers are brief, but all tantalising, giving more info on the rising tensions and complex character dynamics of the upcoming third season, which moves beyond the settings we’ve seen so far and shows us a techno future in crisis.

It’s possible one of these trailers is a gag. I’ll let you decide which one.

Either way, it’s great that HBO is putting little gifts like this to find in their marketing material. Westworld fans have always been incredibly online and eager to theorise/investigate/play along with whatever the show is doing, so using ARG tactics and internet bread crumbs to build hype is just savvy business. As well as being a lot of fun.

Westworld Season 3 premieres March 16 on Foxtel.