Guess What This Crazy-Arse Chassis Is From

Guess What This Crazy-Arse Chassis Is From

Today feels like a good day for a goofy little challenge: see if you can figure out what car that deeply strange chassis up there comes from. Lots of body-on-chassis cars have some distinctive-looking chassis, though most are fairly generic ladder-frame-looking things. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen one with a sort of gumdrop/teardrop shape like this, though.

There’s a lot of weirdness going on here, and I suspect that at least one visual detail will be the key to guessing what this is from, so I won’t mention that.

I will, however, mention the bonkers-looking rear suspension setup, though, because I clearly have been laboring under the mistaken illusion that you’d want your rear tires to be, you know, parallel.

Man, this is a strange setup. It reminds me sort of a lute, or a lyre, or one of those old, archaic stringed instruments I’ve seen in Renaissance paintings. That’s not normally what I’d associate with a car chassis, though.

Oh, wait, a snowshoe! That’s also something this reminds me of. Or a badminton racket frame.

It’s got double-wishbone suspension up front, which is nice, though that angled-arm rear suspension set up is just kind of making me feel crazy. Who sets up something like that? I mean, it must work basically fine, but it just feels so counterintuitive and wrong.

I’m also not certain where the fuel tank is, either. With a design as strange as this one, I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that the sun visors did double-duty as fuel tanks, though. I should make clear that’s not actually the case here, just so I don’t throw anyone off.

Anyone know what it is? The only clue I’ll give is that the body design I don’t feel really reflects just how insane the chassis looks.

Give up? Want to know what this weirdo is? Click here, then! But no cheating!

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