Our First Look At Kevin Feige’s Simpsons Cameo Is Here

Our First Look At Kevin Feige’s Simpsons Cameo Is Here

Amblin’s getting into a new sci-fi comedy. Shudder’s new documentary wants to investigate cursed and haunted film productions. Get a look at the new season of Future Man. Plus, what’s to come on the DC/CW universe shows and a glimpse of Westworld season three’s new and returning characters. Spoilers, Assemble!


Deadline reports Rachel Brosnahan and Anthony Ramos will star in Distant, a sci-fi comedy from Amblin in which an asteroid miner and “a woman who is trapped in her escape pod” become stranded on an alien planet. Will Speck and Josh Gordon will direct, based on a screenplay by Spenser Cohen.

Cursed Films

Shudder investigates allegedly cursed film productions in a new documentary.

The Simpsons

Kevin Feige voices Thanos-knockoff Chinnos in our first look at this weekend’s merger-mania Simpsons crossover, “Bart the Bad Guy.”


Amazon is developing a new series from Psych creator Steven Franks described as “a newly-invented sub-genre: Aspirational Horror” aiming to “make scary fun again.” The series concerns “a small town fire marshal who realises he may have inadvertently harnessed the power of the supernatural and become, for lack of a better term, a witch.” [Deadline]

Ice Cream Man

According to Bloody-Disgusting, Quibi plans to produce a new series based on W. Maxwell Prince’s existential horror comic, Ice Cream Man. Max and Adam Reid (Sneaky Pete) will write and executive produce.


Alice’s origins are further explored in the synopsis for “Off With Her Head,” the March 16 episode of Batwoman.

MUMMY DEAREST – More of Alice’s (Rachel Skarsten) dark past is uncovered when Cartwright (guest star John Emmet Tracy) shares a twisted story with Kate (Ruby Rose) while Jacob (Dougray Scott) goes searching for his wayward daughter. Mary (Nicole Kang) and Luke (Camrus Johnson) follow a lead on Beth’s killer. Holly Dale directed the episode written by Natalie Abrams (#115).

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A transphobic stalker targets Dreamer in the synopsis for “Reality Bytes,” also airing March 16.

DREAMER STEPS UP TO PROTECT HER COMMUNITY AFTER HER ROOMMATE IS VICIOUSLY ATTACKED – Nia’s (Nicole Maines) roommate, Yvette (guest star Roxy Wood), is attacked by a man targeting Dreamer because he doesn’t like that Dreamer is transgender and wants her to quit being a superhero. Determined to protect her community from additional harm, Dreamer refuses to give into his threats and puts herself in the line of fire to stop him. Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) stands by Dreamer and enlists additional help from Brainy (Jesse Rath). Meanwhile, Alex (Chyler Leigh), J’onn (David Harewood) and Kelly (Azie Tesfai) attempt to rescue a man stuck inside a virtual reality escape room. Armen V. Kevorkian directed the episode written by Dana Horgan & Jay Faerber (#515).

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The Flash

Team Flash encounters a new meta named Sunshine in the synopsis for March 18’s “The Exorcism of Nash Wells.”

A DANGEROUS NEW META HITS CENTRAL CITY – The Flash (Grant Gustin) takes on a dangerous new meta named Sunshine (guest star Natalie Sharp). Cisco (Carlos Valdes) sets out to help Nash (Tom Cavanagh). Eric Dean Seaton directed the episode written by Lauren Barnett & Sterling Gates (#615).

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The twins turn seventeen in the synopsis for “Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself,” the March 18 episode of Legacies.

HEROES SAVE THE DAY — When things take a dark turn on the twins’ 17th birthday, Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) is left to make a difficult decision. Meanwhile, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) takes drastic measures when she and Alaric (Matthew Davis) clash over how to handle an issue involving Josie (Kaylee Bryant). Finally, Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith) makes a heartbreaking discovery. Lauren Petzke directed the episode written by Adam Higgs & Jimmy Mosqueda (#215).

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Avenue 5

The passengers are forced to jettison unnecessary items in the synopsis for episode eight, “This Is Physically Hurting Me.”

While Karen (Rebecca Front) oversees an effort to jettison non-essential passenger items, Billie (Lenora Crichlow) tries to teach an inattentive Ryan (Hugh Laurie) how to dock the ship. Matt (Zach Woods) learns of Judd’s (Josh Gad) plan to make the “ultimate sacrifice” by returning to Earth. Meanwhile, the passengers suspect all is not as it seems with the journey.

Story by Armando Iannucci & Georgia Pritchett & Will Smith; teleplay by Georgia Pritchett & Will Smith; directed by David Schneider.

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Comic Book has character posters for the third season of Westworld. More at the link.

Black Lightning

KSiteTV also has photos from next week’s episode of Black Lightning. Head over there for more.

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