There Is No Better Time To Deep Clean Your Car Than Right Now

There Is No Better Time To Deep Clean Your Car Than Right Now

If your brain is wired like mine, your car is basically always dirty. There is a sliding scale of what is considered “clean” and the definition changes to be just slightly cleaner than however clean you just finished getting it. However, with nothing to do, now is the change to attain the platonic ideal of clean with your car.

Let’s face it, you’re not driving much right now, so it’s the perfect time to break out the several-layers-of-wax treatment every enthusiast has sitting in their garage waiting to be used, or bring out the buffer, sanding pads, and the polishing compound, for those of us still rocking the single-stage paint. My old Supra had single stage paint that had oxidized like crazy, but with a lot of care and some tutorials, I managed to decently bring it back (and then I took it to a professional, who really brought it back, but you know, I tried). Here was one of my favourite videos on how to safely restore single-stage paint that’s oxidised to a dull haze, by AmmoNYC:

But let’s go further than that. Perhaps it’s time to clean out the interior until you can eat off the carpets. Despite constantly attempting to keep my interior clean, it always seems to get dusty and leaves tracked everywhere inside within a matter of minutes.

But what if your car is worse? What if you bought it in 2007, have smoked a pack of cigarettes per day inside, and also lived in the middle of Canada and wore nothing but snow boots inside? Luckily, The Detail Geek has covered this for you. Even if you don’t want to clean out your car at all, watching his detailing videos is a therapeutic experience for me. It is a reminder that human beings can win the war against entropy, with one power washer or steam vacuum at a time.

Check out one of his biggest victories against the forces of decay below:

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