Elon Musk Actually Put Two Of His Houses Up For Sale

Elon Musk Actually Put Two Of His Houses Up For Sale

It’s hard to get into the mind of Elon Musk, especially during this past week when he seems to be saying a whole bunch of bizarre stuff on Twitter.

Stuff like claiming Tesla’s stock price was too high, suggesting he was like JC Denton from the first Deus Ex (he’s not), likened stay at home orders to fascism, mused about adding Minecraft to Teslas (among other things), and decided he was going to sell all his homes and possessions – apparently to concentrate on Mars.

Well it seems he’s actually going through with one of those claims, because two homes that supposedly belong to Musk have popped up on a California real estate site – including one Musk specifically mentioned because it used to belong to actor Gene Wilder.

The listing for the Wilder house is going for $US9.5 million ($14.7 million) and boasts five bedrooms, five bathrooms, 2,756 square feet of space, five garage parking spaces, a swimming pool, and other stuff. No mention or sign of solar panels, though, and given Musk’s whole schtick you’d have thought he’d install them right away. Especially since this is LA, and (on average) gets sunny days for more than two thirds of the year.

Maybe it has something to do with keeping the spirit of the Wilder house alive, especially since the second property does have a lot solar panels on the south east-facing roof.

That one is a $US30 million ($46 million) three story mansion with six bedrooms, a ridiculous 11 bathrooms, 16,251 square feet of space, 10 garage parking spots, a tennis court, a private pool, and a spa.

Of course listing the properties is different to actually selling them, assuming Musk actually did approve the listing and this isn’t some sort of prank played by someone on the internet. Maybe he’ll pull out, or maybe he’s actually going through with it for one reason or another. I’d be downsizing to be honest, because that house is too big for me. Musk has five kids, through, and a sixth on the way, so maybe he needs the extra room.

We’ll just have to see what happens in the future, especially since his property portfolio is apparently valued at $US100 million ($155 million). If he is selling all his houses, we’ll probably be hearing more about them in the coming weeks. Let’s just hope nobody is renting them, or they’re in for a wild ride over the next couple of months. [The Next Web]

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