God’s Dead And Nothing’s Normal In This Noir-Tinged Look Inside Cosmic Detective

God’s Dead And Nothing’s Normal In This Noir-Tinged Look Inside Cosmic Detective

Even in a world of cosmic horrors and supernatural oddities, a case is a case, and a hardboiled detective has still gotta work the work, dine at the diner, and…traverse the broken nightmare landscape hidden inside the trunk of his car?

The latest graphic novel from Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and David Rubin, Cosmic Detective, has already lit up Kickstarter, breaking beyond its funding goals to the tune of, as of writing, $US86,000 ($134,436). Considering the duo wanted less than half that to get to print, suffice to say the demand for weird noir is high.

And there’s good reason. Cosmic Detective combines the surreal and the genre tropes of detective fiction to create something that looks both iconically familiar and also just plain funky. It’s a bizarre mix of the back-alley streets and dingy diners of all good detective fiction with some eldritch horrors and interstellar weirdness.

The latter comes for our mysterious, titular private eye when he’s tasked with a new case on his desk: a god has been murdered, and only he”and the mysterious cabal of cosmically-aligned masterminds he’s been working with”are suited for the task of finding out whodunnit. Take a look at the sort of oddities who can investigate a dead god like it’s just the every day in our exclusive look inside Cosmic Detective below:

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Cosmic Detective is set to release in May 2021. If you want to hop on for a preorder or get access to tier rewards like exclusive hardcovers and even playing cards, the Kickstarter campaign is currently running until June 3.

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