Oh My God, Sony’s Still Trying To Make That Jackpot Movie Happen

Oh My God, Sony’s Still Trying To Make That Jackpot Movie Happen

The SPUMC continues to expand, but at what cost? At. What. Cost???

Deadline reports that Marc Guggenheim, comics writer and co-creator/producer of Arrow, has been tapped to pen Sony’s long-gestating plans for a movie based around everyone’s favourite Amazing Friend of Spider-Man, Jackpot.

Remember Jackpot? No? Absolutely not, because really, who would? Well, Guggenheim himself would actually, considering he actually wrote the character for a three-issue miniseries in 2010. But fair! Let us tell you more…

There’s been two incarnations of the character, Sara Ehret and Alana Jobson”both created by Dan Slott and Phil Jimenez”who have loosely been associated with Spider-Man. Ehret, introduced in 2007, was a geneticist working at an Oscorp subsidiary who inadvertently gained super strength when exposed to a near-lethal virus called Lot 777 while researching a cure for Parkinson’s disease. After briefly becoming the hero Jackpot, Sara wanted to go back to her past life and her young family and decided to sell the Jackpot identity to Alana, who had such a crush on Jackpot she offered to just…buy her hero career off her? Yeah.

Alana didn’t actually have powers; instead, she used a bunch of drugs (including the ever-present Marvel staple of power up drugs, Mutant Growth Hormone) to replicate Sara’s powers. She teamed up with Spider-Man after deciding that part of her schtick would be having a massive crush on him to hide her sexuality, and they palled around for a bit until an unfortunate encounter with the similarly low-rent villain Blindside left Alana blinded by his neurotoxin. When Peter gave her the antidote, it reacted poorly to the cocktail of drugs she took to gain her powers, killing her and giving both Peter and Sara alike that classic bit of Parker guilt.

Sara redonned the Jackpot mantle in Guggenheim’s miniseries with Adriana Melo, Mariah Benes, and Andrew Dalhouse, but…that’s about it for Jackpot? Given his involvement, it’s safe to assume that the Jackpot of this woefully inadvisable movie is going to be the Sara Ehret incarnation of the character, perhaps the post-Alana version as a way of being able to nod to both versions.

Who can say? This is literally the most we’ve heard about this movie since two years ago, when Sony said it was thinking about trying to make a Jackpot movie out of its Sony Marvel Spider-Man Movie Universe Without a Name for some godsforsaken reason.

Now, we have SPUMC, and we have a Jackpot movie with smidgen of progress. What a journey we’ve been on.

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