We Deserve Better Than The Leaked BMW 2 Series Coupe

We Deserve Better Than The Leaked BMW 2 Series Coupe

Supposedly leaked pictures of what could only be the upcoming next-gen BMW 2 Series Coupe unfortunately looks like it’s been attacked with an axe and beaten until swollen.

We love to hate the 2 Series Gran Coupe—a car that’s perfectly fine to drive but not so easy to look at, and its front-wheel drive completely flies in the face of everything BMW once was. That’s why there was so much hope riding on the new 2 Series Coupe, which is meant to keep its sports car lineage going.

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Pictures of the car in some kind of transport showed up on the “2addicts” BMW forum from user 4BMWGarage, who claimed to have got them from a Facebook page:

The front end shows new headlights with an ugly notch headed towards, but not connected to, the kidney grilles, which are thankfully not the size and shape of an elephant’s head this time.

The rear shows a tall, awkward decklid, a strange trapezoidal black shape cutting into the sheetmetal up from the rear splitter for seemingly no reason, and taillights that look like discount Subaru replacement lights from a one-star eBay page.

I will say, though, that this 2 Coupe is better than the 2 Gran Coupe, but the margin is far closer than I ever imagined. I just hope this new look has great design refresh potential, and I’m glad we got the current 2 Coupe for as long as we did if this is what’s next.

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