We Promise This Is The Only Week We’ll Ask You To Get Excited Over What Is Basically A Power Rangers Lamp

We Promise This Is The Only Week We’ll Ask You To Get Excited Over What Is Basically A Power Rangers Lamp

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of the coolest toys on the internet. This week: Mezco takes a crack at the daywalker! Lego invites you to prepare for Halloween months in advance with a spooky new offering! NECA goes back to the future! And Hasbro would really like you to be excited by a glowing tube. And you should be. Check it out!

Lego Creator Haunted House

Lego is expanding and transitioning its amusement park collection”which already includes a roller coaster, 3,231-piece Haunted House attraction. The set, available for pre-order now for $350 and shipping on June 1, features a bunch of not-so-spooky details like a giant organ, Egyptian relics, spider webs, and other features hidden throughout the multi-story mansion that can be opened for extended play. It also includes light-up accents and a tower drop ride that can be optionally motorised. The Haunted House also reflects Lego’s recent efforts to position many of its sets for adults over kids, with stylish packaging that’s less conspicuous to carry around a store.

NECA Back to the Future Ultimate Marty McFly and Biff Figures

Thirty-five years after the first Back to the Future hit theatres, it’s finally the perfect time to be a fan of the time-travelling trilogy, and a collector. BttF figures have been mostly non-existent, but come August NECA will be releasing seven-inch tall Ultimate versions of 1985 Marty McFly from the first film, as well as 2015 Marty McFly and 1955 Biff Tannen from the sequel. Accessories include the pink hoverboard, self-lacing Nikes, futuristic Pepsi bottles, and even the Grey’s Sports Almanac and a copy of Oh LaLa. Each figure includes an alternate head sculpt, and will sell for around $45.

Mezco One:12 Collective Blade MDX Edition Figure

Mezco’s latest addition to its line of great Marvel 1:12 action figures is Blade. And also: Blade’s blades. Seriously, not only is this figure accessorized to hell and back with alternate hands, FOUR pairs of shades, and even a second snarling head to reveal Blade’s vampiric fangs, it’s got more plastic armaments than one action figure should ostensibly know what to do with. And what Blade knows to do with them is kill plastic vampires!

The Mezco-exclusive release of the daywalker comes with”deep breath”his sword with its own sheath, two boomerang blades with their own removeable belts, six(!) stakes, a submachine gun (with detachable clips), a pump action shotgun with an articulated pump, a pistol (with more detachable clips), and two gunfire effects. Phew! No wonder he’ll set you back about $130 when he starts shipping out next month. [Mezco]

theory11 Star Wars Playing Cards

There’s two reasons why theory11’s new Star Wars-themed playing cards will be no good for your next poker night. The first is that you won’t be able to keep a straight poker face every time you see the creative and downright gorgeous designs on every card in both decks, which are available in blue (the Light side) and red (the Dark side) versions. In place of Kings, Queens, and other royalty, you’ll find characters like Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Han Solo, Leia Organa, and Rey. The other reason is that you probably won’t want your poker buddies putting their greasy snack-covered fingers over either of these decks. You’ll undoubtedly want them left in pristine collectible condition, or at least limit their use for a private game of Solitaire. Both are available now for $15 each, so you might want to snatch them up before theory11 realises they can charge 10 times that.

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Reveals

As part of what is now quickly becoming an series of online fan events, today Hasbro”alongside the news that the next series of the franchise will be called Power Rangers: Dino Fury (no, that’s not a previous show, those were Jungle Fury and Dino Charge, please adjust your name generators accordingly)”revealed a slew of figures and roleplay items for its Lightning Collection toyline.

In the roleplay department there’s a very swanky new Power Morpher, based on the original device from Mighty Morphin‘. Complete with five die-cast power coins for each member of the team, the Power Morpher has light and sound functions that react to each coin being inserted, and even has both a belt buckle to attach it to your own costume (or just like, your jeans, no judgment) or a display stand that can hold it and all five coins.

For action figure goodness however, the company announced three new special offerings: From Boom Studio’s Power Rangers comics, there’s the villainous Green Psycho Ranger (there never was one when the team appeared in In Space!), and two new deluxe packs from Mighty Morphin’ as well. For the villains, there’s a Putty Patroller two-pack that gives you two mooks and a whole host of accessories to give them either alternate arms or FX pieces to depict them having their putty-butts kicked by the rangers, and for the heroes, there’s a two-pack of Zordon and Alpha-5.

OK, so it’s techically a one-action-figure-and-a-statue-glowstick pack. Yes, Zordon is a big ol’ face-o-plastic rather than an articulated figure (and that’s entirely fair, it’s Zordon!). But he lights up when you press a button on the base! Perfect. The Green Psycho Ranger is due to release in July for about $30, while the Power Morpher ($78), Putty Patroller two-pack, and Alpha-5/Zordon two-packs ($47 each) will all launch in August.

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