Layton Confronts the First Class Passengers in Delightful Snowpiercer Clip

Layton Confronts the First Class Passengers in Delightful Snowpiercer Clip

There’s something really satisfying about seeing rich people getting nervous.

In a clip from an upcoming ” get very, very nervous. It is extremely fun to watch.

Daveed Diggs, delightful as Layton, confronts the passengers as he continues his investigation into the murders that have brought us as viewers into Snowpiercer‘s world. He eats, he lectures, he makes himself comfortable. The clip, from the upcoming June 7th episode of the series, makes it clear where things are going: toward the person who’s done these crimes, and the end of the investigation. And the beginning of something more.

Snowpiercer is a strange show, half TNT cop drama and half sci-fi dystopia. And we should all be critical of cop dramas nowadays, considering the way cops in the real world tend to act, but Layton is an interesting, reluctant detective in a world that doesn’t much like or want anyone to uncover its evils. That makes the show more interesting than its format might suggest, and if Diggs continues to give such an electric performance, arguably worth watching for a while yet.

Snowpiercer airs on Netflix in Australia.

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