David Lynch’s New Music Video Is a Small, Potent Dose of Surrealism

David Lynch’s New Music Video Is a Small, Potent Dose of Surrealism

his artistic habits in small, bite-sized slice of life updates like daily weather reports and updates on his woodworking, its emergence in 2020 has been one of the few comforting, stable things I’ve found myself returning to.

But sometimes, he does indulge his surreal side in a satisfying way. Such is the case with “I HAVE A RADIO”, his latest video, a music video (?) of sorts for his 2011 song “I Have a Radio.” Lynch’s music is odd, impressionistic stuff, but pretty engaging on its own merits ” the guy definitely has an ear for sound, though it’s not precisely what one would call easy listening. In this video, Lynch gives that song a vaguely horrible but also sort of”¦ cute? Backdrop that you should probably just check out for yourself.

What are those things? They look like puppet cowboys made out of the static of an ultrasound, both kitschy and utterly dreadful. It’s a simple video, with a weird inkblot in the middle, some background texture, and our dancing ultrasound monster friends, but it effectively achieves a mood. What mood, I’m not entirely sure, but it unsettles me enough that I’m comfortable slotting it into horror content. After watching it, though, I’m not all scared. I also feel a little lighter.

If you’re interested in more of Lynch’s surreal music, his 2011 album Crazy Clown Time is going to keep you satisfied. Or weirded out, but if you’re looking up Lynch’s music you’re probably into that.

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