First Look at the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 as Official Image Leaks

First Look at the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 as Official Image Leaks
Contributor: Holly Brockwell

We are pretty bloomin’ excited for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, which Samsung has confirmed will be happening with all the other launches at Unpacked on 5th August.

Now, it looks like an official image of the phone has leaked, on the Twitter account of reliable leaker Ice Universe:

It’s not the clearest image but it does tell us quite a bit about the new phone.

Firstly, the name will be written by Samsung as Z Fold2, which is a bit odd. Why the lack of space between the Fold and the 2? The name was already a bit confusing given that the Z part has been added since the first phone, meaning technically this is the first Z Fold – yes, we’re nitpicking, we work in tech, what do you expect?

Secondly, we can see that the Z Fold2 comes in the same glorious copper colour as the upcoming Galaxy Note 20, as seen in many a leak. The Galaxy Beans also come in that colour, so it’s obviously a theme Samsung is going with across its portfolio, which explains why all the teasers have been molten copper.

The phone actually looks a lot like the Note 20, but stretched sideways with a big ol’ fold in the middle. The rear camera setup looks the same as on the Note 20 leaks we’ve seen so far – could there even be an S Pen to go with that humongonormous internal screen? Well, no, unless it’s not stored on the bottom edges, because we can see those and it’s not there.

It also looks like the external screen, which you can just about see on the bottom left layer of the phone, is big enough to stretch from edge to edge of the front leaf (yeah we have no idea what to call the foldy bits, but ‘flaps’ seemed a bit grim) and all the way to the top, instead of the inset design on the previous Fold with lots of bezel around it. Of course, there could be a giant chin at the bottom, it wouldn’t be visible from this angle.

Compare with the previous Fold (you can just about see the edges of the screen despite the black background here):

The only other details we can make out on the Z Fold2 leaked image are the USB C charging port (no surprises there), some speaker grills and microphone holes.

So we’ll have to wait for August 5th (or, more realistically, the next leak) to find out more about what the Z Fold2 has in store for us. [Android Police]