The Latest Ghostbusters Toy Asks ‘OK, Who Brought the Dog?’

The Latest Ghostbusters Toy Asks ‘OK, Who Brought the Dog?’

Does anyone have a milk bone for Hasbro’s latest Ghostbusters toy? It’s called “Tully’s Terrible Night” and Gizmodo is excited to exclusively reveal it in all its glory.

Part of the Rick Moranis in the film) and a Terror Dog (which famously ruined Louis’ big party in the film).

As well both figures featuring multiple points of articulation, and a photorealistic headsculpt on Tully’s head ” capturing Moranis’ likeness in a moment of Terror-Dog-induced, well, terror “ the set also includes the wired-up colander the Ghostbusters use to test Louis after his possession by Vinz Clortho. Check out a few more images below.

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As you can see, besides the figures, it comes in some fine packaging too, inspired by the Ghostbusters’ uniforms. Perfect to bring to a party at your accountant’s apartment in New York! Just don’t lose it under a pile of coats.

Though Hasbro is revealing this set now, it is not a San Diego Comic-Con 2020 exclusive (you can find those here). Instead, the set will be available in September on and retail for $US50 ($70).

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