The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is Coming Next Month, With Some Questionable Gesture Control

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is Coming Next Month, With Some Questionable Gesture Control
Contributor: Tom Pritchard
This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.

The fact that Samsung has another Galaxy Watch on the way isn’t really news. In fact it’s been rumoured for quite some time, and we’ve already been seeing leaks on what it might look like (spoiler: it looks like a smartwatch). But we haven’t had all the specifics of what this watch is going to entail, though we’ve heard from our sources that fill in a few of the gaps.

First thing is that our sources tell us the Galaxy Watch name isn’t confirmed right now, which leaves the possibility of new branding coming our way. Though we have our doubts Samsung would skip the ‘Galaxy Watch’ moniker so readily, even if it’s not officially called the Galaxy Watch 3. Or 2, because technically we didn’t get one of those (it was the Watch Active)

What about features? The major new feature we can gleam from documents we’ve seen is Bixby gesture control. It’s all about moving your watch arm in a specific way so that the watch itself will register what you’re up to and act accordingly. Like the one above that has you raise your hand to activate Bixby – presumably without having to embarrass yourself by saying “Hey Bixby” and reminding the world that Bixby is still a thing.

There are two more mentioned in what we’ve seen, one is pulling your arm down to answer a call, and another is erm… Well let’s not beat around the bush (pun absolutely intended), it’s the wanker gesture.

Clearly someone in Korea or the States didn’t check what that gesture means around the world before programming it in, but there’s a delicious irony in using the wanker gesture to shut someone up. Then again if you’re not careful someone nearby might think you’re referring to them and punch you.

On top of this the new watch is set to include ECG (which previously debuted on the Watch Active2), a blood pressure sensor, fall detection with an automatic SOS call and text message with your location, as well as the classic fitness and sleep tracking features.

And standard smartwatch features like one-click music controls, alerts if your Phone’s Bluetooth disconnects, smart replies, camera controls, and so on.

The Galaxy Watch 3 is set to be launched at the Galaxy Unpacked on August 5, with the same August 21 release date as the Note 20 and the 5G Z Flip. Two models are set to be available with a 41mm model and a 45mm model that will be available in rose gold, black, and silver. The 45mm option will also be available in a more expensive Titanium body.

Both sizes are available with Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity options, with the 41mm costing a respective £399 ($718) and £429 ($772) and the 45mm costing £419 ($754) and £449 ($808). The Titanium 45mm model is only available as a Wi-Fi model and costs £579 ($1,043), presumably because titanium isn’t exactly cheap.

As with the Note 20 pre-ordering will also come with a bonus. Sadly it’s not that special, because it’s the same wireless charging pad you’ll get if you decide to buy the Note 20 ahead of time. Details on that pad are still unknown to us, though it may well be just a random Qi charger Samsung already has on sale – we’ll have to wait and see.

Featured image: Samsung (via Naver)

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