Jeep Keeps Teasing The New Grand Wagoneer With More Little Detail Snapshots And Now Has A Reveal Date

Jeep Keeps Teasing The New Grand Wagoneer With More Little Detail Snapshots And Now Has A Reveal Date

Jeep’s remembered that they like taking money from people in exchange for vehicles, so to make more of that happen they’re planning on releasing an all-new three-row SUV, a segment that sells like piping hot cakes. Jeep hasn’t sold a three-row SUV since the Jeep Commander was discontinued a decade ago, but come September 3, they will again, with an all-new Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

We’ve known Jeep has been interesting in resurrecting the Wagoneer for a while since we had a pretty big clue with their amazing restomod vintage Wagoneer concept they called the Wagoneer Roadtrip.

The new Wagoneer is going to be built on the RAM 1500 truck platform, and, based on the images Jeep has been teasing, looks like it will be pretty up-market and fancy and full of ethereal-glowing chrome bits:

There we can see a bit of a badge ending in “eer” along with a banner of some sort, spangled with stars and corrugated with stripes. It’s like a version of the flag of Liberia, but with many more stars? Interesting.

We can also see the start engine button, which seems large, well ventilated, and wrapped in what is likely leather. Wood, or something that looks woody, appears in the image as well.

Later, we got these images:

Clearly, on the left there is the grille. Based on Jeep’s design vocabulary, it’s likely we’re looking at seven primary “slots” here, and it appears that each rectangular “slot” has seven dividers in it as well, for, um, 49 vertical air intake openings?

Also, the WAG badging there looks sorta backlight, but that could just be a trick of the light.

For the right image, I’m not really certain what the hell we’re looking at. Our own Andrew Collins speculated it could be a rotary shifter with a lot of detail and texture on the side, and that’s a reasonable guess. That, or it’s an included aluminium-wicker cargo basket system, which I’d also be down with.

Based on what we’ve seen, expect the Grand Wagoneer to be grand indeed. I’ve always thought of Wagoneers as having a more humble, folksy sort of luxury about them, but I suppose the SUV buying public has grown more sophisticated or unbearable over the years, depending on your mood.

I guess we’ll see on September 3!

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