Monsters Under the Bed Do Exist and Ryan Reynolds Will Help Stop Them

Monsters Under the Bed Do Exist and Ryan Reynolds Will Help Stop Them

Ryan Reynolds is everywhere these days and that’s not slowing down anytime soon. The actor has just signed on to star in a family monster movie produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and directed by Paul King.

King directed the Paddington movies so, obviously, Steven Spielberg/Edgar Wright movie, and also helped write Inside Out.

So yeah — this is a huge project.

Deadline broke the news of the deal bringing all of this talent together. The whole thing starts with the short piece Rich wrote for the New Yorker, which begins as an innocent Q&A about parenting in a pandemic and devolves into a massive, fantasy world-building exercise where monsters have invaded Earth from another dimension and one parent decides to stop it. We highly recommend you read the excellent story, which you can find at this link.

That story brings to mind some similar movies such as Monsters Inc. and Little Monsters, which each created their own real-life explanation for the common fear of monsters under the bed. However, neither of those escalated into what sounds like could be a literal war to save the planet, which is what makes Everyday Parenting Tips seem like such a win.

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