Nicolas Cage Will Play an Alcoholic Dragon in Hiding in Amazon’s Highfire Adaptation

Nicolas Cage Will Play an Alcoholic Dragon in Hiding in Amazon’s Highfire Adaptation

If there’s anyone who can pull that off, it’s Nicolas Cage.

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Nicolas Cage will be starring in and executive producing a drama for Amazon based on the book Highfire, by Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer. The story, based on the book published this past January, is one of a world where dragons used to rule the world but don’t anymore, with Lord Highfire, the former ruler of dragonkind, now in exile in the Louisiana Bayou as “Vern,” a hard-drinkin’, alligator-befriendin’ good-for-nothing who spends a lot of time watching cable television. Until, that is, Vern meets Squib, a teenager caught up in some bad news with the mafia, and the two of them end up fighting to live and maybe becoming friends on the way.

Naturally, Cage will be playing Lord Highfire, a role which fits his eccentric, particular taste perfectly. It’s unclear precisely what shape this adaptation will take — the Hollywood Reporter indicates that Cage will “voice” the character, suggesting either animation or mixed-media CGI will be responsible for his on-screen existence. I’d also suggest that it would be fun to just watch Cage play the dragon without any special effects at all, but I doubt Amazon will take me up on that one.

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The adaptation is being helmed by Davey Holmes (Shameless), who will also be executive producing alongside Cage. No date for this one as of yet.