This Trio of Star Wars Animated Shorts Takes You to Galaxy’s Edge In the Cutest Way

This Trio of Star Wars Animated Shorts Takes You to Galaxy’s Edge In the Cutest Way

Going to Galaxy’s Edge right now is, well…not a good idea (and don’t you dare “never tell me the odds!” us). So while you read that guidebook to pretend you’re there — before you play that VR game to pretend you’re there — why don’t you watch some animated shorts to, uh…pretend you’re there?

The Star Wars Kids YouTube channel has dropped a trio of new shorts from the lovely Galaxy of Adventures series, all focused around the fictional setting of Disneyland and Disney World’s Star Wars park.

There’s a short for what is basically each “part” of Galaxy’s Edge: Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, the more recently opened Rise of the Resistance, and then of course Black Spire Outpost itself.

The latter might just be the most delightful of the three, because instead of casting some general human protagonists going on Star Wars adventures, the Black Spire short is through the lens of one of Star Wars’ most adorable fluffy beings: a Porg!

(Sorry Ewoks.)

But yes, our little avian friend does the whole gamut of things that aren’t rides at Galaxy’s Edge. They get recruited by Vi Moradi, Resistance Spy for some sneaking. They get to ogle at the very expensive collectables on display at Dok Ondar’s store. They even get to see the seedy nightlife of Oga’s cantina, although it’s less about Fuzzy Tauntauns, and more about the music.

Like our Porg hero trying to get a taste of a Ronto Wrap, we are so close, and yet so far from being able to go to Galaxy’s Edge right now. This’ll have to be the closest we feasibly get, so at least it’s a pretty charming approximation of the experience.

But really. Today, this year, for the foreseeable future until it’s safe to do it in person, we are all that Porg. Dance on, lil’ porglet. *Sniffles* Dance on.