The Fourth Season of Young Justice Is Called Phantoms

The Fourth Season of Young Justice Is Called Phantoms

At DC Fandome, the panel for Young Justice previewed the upcoming fourth season of the show, revealing its subtitle and including a pretty riveting audio drama previewing the new season.

Called Young Justice: Phantoms, the fourth season of the show will follow where Outsiders, a DC Universe exclusive, left off. At the DC Fandome panel, the cast and crew revealed that they were hard at work on the new season, though they were tight on other details. No release date was announced, and we’re also not entirely sure where the show will be streaming. Though, with DC Universe on the likely way out, HBO Max is probably a safe bet.

But the real star of the show, and the most interesting piece of news, was an audio drama performed by the cast, a full-length prologue episode set between the third and fourth seasons, giving some likely thematic background on where the upcoming season of the show is likely to tread. In it, the team throws a farewell party for Connor Kent (Nolan North) and Megan Morse (Danica McKellar) as they prepare to embark on a solo adventure and leave the superheroic team, while in parallel Roy Harper (Crispin Freeman) has to contend with a heist that sees the team getting tangled up with some old enemies and some new problems. The episode features the Suicide Squad, and the Young Justice heroes must save a reformed criminal from being pulled into Amanda Waller’s orbit.

It was a fun watch, and if you’re reading this on the day of Fandome you can watch it here. I’ll update with a separate video if one becomes available. And while we don’t have a lot more info right now on the upcoming season of Young Justice, but what we do know has my interest certainly piqued.

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