Here’s DJs Playing the Dan Andrews ‘Get on the Beers’ Remix at a WA Festival

Here’s DJs Playing the Dan Andrews ‘Get on the Beers’ Remix at a WA Festival

Press conferences about COVID-19 restrictions by Dan Andrews tend to evoke a range of emotions — fear, relief, frustration — but rarely do they make people excited. But that’s exactly how a packed festival crowd responded when DJs dropped a remix featuring the Victoria Premier.

Over the weekend, a TikTok went viral of a a pulsating (certainly not COVIDSafe) crowd dancing and cheering during a DJ set.

And on a screen in front of the audience? A video of Dan Andrews saying “get on the beers” playing over a dance track.

It was cross-posted to Twitter by Tyson Whelan with the caption “regret to inform the premier’s press conferences are going off at perth’s nightclubs”

Where did this TikTok of a DJ playing Dan Andrews come from?

The video was originally posted by Hannah, a 20-year-old Perth woman who goes by @golddiggerberg on TikTok. The video is captioned “this ones for you melbourne from perth” and has more than 100,000 views since being published yesterday.

She confirmed the video was taken at a set by Hot Dub Time Machine at at the Wine Machine festival in Swan Valley, WA, on Saturday.

It wasn’t his song, according to the man behind Hot Dub Time Machine, Tom Lowndes. He told Gizmodo the song is by MashD N Kutcher, an Australian DJ duo.

“It’s their remix, it went viral months ago. I just played it. It has millions of views on FB,” he said.

A video of the full remix released by Mashd N Kutcher has hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. Mashd N Kutcher has been contacted for comment.

But the real question Gizmodo has is: was the Dan Andrews song really as lit as it seemed? Or was it kinda weird seeing a fifty year old premier moralise while you’re trying to have a good time?

According to the person responsible for the TikTok: nah, it was good, actually.

“It was good,” Han told Gizmodo. “It was only one song but was pretty funny.”

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