Unsolved Mysteries Somehow Didn’t Have a Podcast Before, But Is Getting One Now

Unsolved Mysteries Somehow Didn’t Have a Podcast Before, But Is Getting One Now

Netflix’s revival of 1990s-2000s TV staple Unsolved Mysteries just dropped its second season, and while there’s no word yet on more episodes to come (fingers crossed!), there is some Unsolved Mysteries-related news today: the show is getting its own tie-in podcast.

Given the already existing popularity of true crime, mystery, and unexplained-phenomena podcasts, this feels like a natural extension for one of the benchmarks of the genre. Deadline broke the news, revealing that each weekly episode “will present all new unsolved cases and take a deep dive into a specific story” using both first-hand interviews and narration, while making use of the haunting Unsolved Mysteries theme music and, as always, encouraging anyone with new information to come forward.

Deadline notes that the Unsolved Mysteries podcast will be a collaboration between podcast company Cadence13 and Cosgrove/Meurer Productions, producers of the TV series. “Cosgrove/Meurer Productions is thrilled to be partnering with Cadence13 to present all new unsolved mysteries to podcast listeners. There are an incredible number of cases that we hope to solve through the podcast,” Terry Dunn Meurer, co-creator and executive producer of Unsolved Mysteries, told Deadline.

In io9’s interview with Dunn Meurer that ran earlier this week, she shared a similar sentiment, telling us “There are so many mysteries and cases that we want to put out there to try and solve. We hope that Unsolved will go on forever because unfortunately there are new unsolved cases every day.”

The Unsolved Mysteries podcast will arrive early next year; seasons one and two of the Netflix revival are now streaming.

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