Hulu’s Stephen King Anthology Series Castle Rock Will Not Be Getting a Third Season

Hulu’s Stephen King Anthology Series Castle Rock Will Not Be Getting a Third Season

Castle Rock was a worthy experiment — it delivered an intriguing expansion of Stephen King’s stories set around Maine’s most troubled town, and gave us stellar performances from casts that included King veterans like Sissy Spacek and Tim Robbins. But two seasons was probably plenty, and it seems Hulu agrees.

TV Line reports that Castle Rock, which wrapped up its second season late last year, has been cancelled. There was no additional information given beyond that, but you can kind of see why the decision was made.

Season one, which starred Spacek and André Holland, explored a Castle Rock family’s encounter with a cross-dimensional “schism” in the surrounding woods, along with the mystery surrounding an unnamed man nicknamed “the Kid” (Bill Skarsgård) discovered living in a sub-basement cell at Shawshank Prison. Shawshank, and characters like Sheriff Alan Pangborn (Scott Glenn), were just some of the Easter eggs from King’s universe that were sprinkled throughout Castle Rock’s original first-season plot.

Season two offered up origin stories for both Misery villain Annie Wilkes (Lizzy Caplan) and Castle Rock itself, with an anthology format that kept the setting but introduced mostly all-new characters. There was no clear place to go next unless the series went to a new location — a journey to the Overlook Hotel was semi-teased at the end of season one — which would kind of defeat the purpose of calling the show Castle Rock.

However, you can still watch both seasons on Hulu — and fret not, there are always approximately 300 more King adaptations in the works at any given moment, including a new miniseries adaptation of The Stand dropping next month.