Updates From Rick and Morty, Paranormal Activity, and More

Updates From Rick and Morty, Paranormal Activity, and More

The Order is no more at Netflix. The new Uzumaki anime will be coming to Toonami next year, after a covid-19 delay. Netflix wants to get all Planet Earth with alien life in a new series with Sophie Okonedo. To me, my spoilers!

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Deadline reports Rhys Wakefield (The Purge) is attached to star in Alternate, the sci-fi/horror feature debut of Australian director, Anthony Garland. “Set in a high-rise office building” the story follows “an overworked young executive (Wakefield) who goes back in time four hours to save his girlfriend from being killed.”

Paranormal Activity

In a recent interview with Dread Central, Christopher Landon revealed a director has been chosen for a reboot of the Paranormal Activity franchise.

I’m writing the new Paranormal Activity movie; we’re rebooting that franchise. I’m super excited about the director, but I can’t say who it is because they won’t let me [laughs]. He’s a get. He’s awesome! I think people are going to be really surprised by where we’re taking this thing.

The Order

Netflix has cancelled The Order after two seasons.


During the Toonami panel at the virtual Adult Swim Festival this past weekend, Jason Demarco confirmed Uzumaki is scheduled to air sometime next year.

Uzumaki, sometime next year. We don’t know when — I kind of know when, but I can’t tell you yet — but we’re working hard. It was delayed by about a year because of COVID. COVID concerns caused the production to have to shut down, but we’re still working. It looks great.

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Rick and Morty

During the event’s Rick and Morty panel, Dan Harmon revealed the series’ writing staff is already working on season seven.

I think we’re working on Season 7 right now, I can’t even keep track. I wouldn’t know if I were spoiling Season 5 or Season 6.

The Outpost

Talon prepares for the ultimate sacrifice in the synopsis for “Dying is Painful,” the November 30 episode of The Outpost.

YOU’VE BEEN WARNED -Talon (Jessica Green) deals with difficult emotions as death seems to be the only answer to save her friends. The Outpost becomes a fight arena as an old enemy releases a dark power into unsuspecting hands. Jaye Griffiths, Imogen Waterhouse, Aaron Fontaine, Jake Stormoen, Reece Ritchie, Anand Desai-Barochia, Izuka Hoyle, Adam Johnson and Georgia May Foote also star. The episode was written by Laura Whang and directed by Milan Todorovic (#3A08).

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Moonbase 8

The crew quarantines in a clip and trailer for next week’s episode of Moonbase 8.

Fear the Walking Dead

Likewise, AMC has released a trailer and sneak peek for next week’s mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead.

Alien Worlds

Finally, Netflix has released a trailer for Alien Worlds, its new speculative xenobiology series hosted by Sophie Okonedo.

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