Updates From The Green Knight, Stargirl, and More

Updates From The Green Knight, Stargirl, and More

Jonathan Groff and Kristen Bell are getting fantastical for a strange new musical. Anya Taylor-Joy teases The Northman. Loki might already have a second season renewal. Plus, Supernatural’s endgame continues, Stargirl casts a familiar genie, and what’s next on Star Trek: Discovery. Spoilers, away!

Illustration: Jim Cooke
Illustration: Jim Cooke

Black Crab

Noomi Rapace is attached to star in Black Crab, a post-apocalyptic thriller at Netflix from director Adam Berg. Set during an “endless winter,” the story follows “six soldiers who are sent on a dangerous mission across the frozen sea to transport a package that could finally end their war.” [Deadline]

Molly and the Moon

Deadline also reports Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff will star in Molly and the Moon, a live-action fantasy/musical from the creators of How I Met Your Mother. The story is said to follow an expectant mother (Bell) “singing a lullaby to her pregnant belly” as the film “push[es] in on that pregnant belly” and into “this other world where we see a mysterious little girl in a rowboat in the middle of the ocean, looking up at the moon and hearing that song come through the moon.” Co-director Carter Bays compares the project to both Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal.

The Northman

In conversation with Indiewire, Anya-Taylor Joy stated The Northman will be something the world “genuinely hasn’t seen before.”

Robert [Eggers] and I have now been friends longer than we have been co-workers. Getting the opportunity to create art together again is amazing. We have both grown so much apart and now we get to grow back together. I am so proud to be a part of this project. Every moment on set I am proud. I think we will be presenting to the world something it genuinely hasn’t seen before. I just feel so humbled I get to be a a part of it.

In the same article, Nicole Kidman stated she’s “terrified” of the production.

I’m pretty terrified right now. I sound calm but you shouldn’t see what’s going on inside. I would love to say that I do know what I’m doing but a lot of times, I make very spontaneous and rather bold decisions with very little caution or thought. There’s a lot of abandonment and just going, ‘OK, I’ll give it a go.’

The Green Knight

A24’s The Green Knight has been rated “R” by the MPAA for “violence, some sexuality and graphic nudity.” (About equivalent to an MA15+ rating in Australia.)

Free Guy

Disney and 20th Century Studios have removed Free Guy from its December release schedule. No new date has been given. [Coming Soon]


Jim Gaffigan will lend his voice to Thunderbolt, the genie-like entity residing inside the pink pen introduced early on in Stargirl’s first season. According to Entertainment Weekly, “the wishes [the Thunderbolt] grants often cause more trouble than the wish-asker would ever expect. But despite his somewhat constant supernatural disasters, the Thunderbolt’s heart is always in the right place, even if it is wounded by the friends he has lost throughout his long existence.”


According to Production Weekly, Loki has already been renewed for a second season at Disney+. Production is scheduled to begin sometime in 2022.

His Dark Materials

Production Weekly also reports His Dark Materials has been renewed for a third season at the BBC and HBO.


Ted tries to stay with the company in the synopsis for the November 25 episode of neXt.

NEXT orchestrates an unlikely and dangerous reunion between Shea and someone from her past when she goes to check on Ty and Ethan. Ted is in trouble with Zava and figures out a way to remain in the company. Meanwhile, LeBlanc gets honest with Abby and C.M.’s life is threatened in the all-new “FILE #5″ episode of NEXT.

Cast: John Slattery as Paul LeBlanc, Fernanda Andrade as Special Agent Shea Salazar, Jason Butler Harner as Ted LeBlanc, Michael Mosley as C.M., Eve Harlow as Gina, Aaron Clifton Moten as Ben, Gerardo Celasco as Ty Salazar, Elizabeth Cappuccino as Abby LeBlanc, and Evan Whitten as Ethan Salazar

Guest Cast: David Zayas as Nacio Flores

[Spoiler TV]


The Winchesters adopt a dog in the trailer for “Inherit the Earth,” next week’s episode of Supernatural. FYI: We’ll have a blog up about last night’s events before long…

Star Trek: Discovery

Finally, Oded Fehr comes to Star Trek: Discovery in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Die Trying.”

Banner art by Jim Cooke.