We’re Liveblogging the Looming Apocalypse Right Here

We’re Liveblogging the Looming Apocalypse Right Here

After nearly four years of national chaos and months of palpable fear, anxiety, mass death, economic collapse, and far too many tweets, Election Day 2020 is upon us. The day of reckoning has arrived. And the Gizmodo team will be suffering through it with you right here.

There are plenty of liveblogs by people paid to pretend to have insight into this deeply weird political moment. We’re not those people, and while this liveblog won’t necessarily be devoid of insight, primarily you’re here to watch our staff experience the confusion, frustration, and stupidity of our democracy’s twilight along with the rest of the country.

Electoral results are expected to be slow and hotly contested, so this blog will remain live for the hours — more likely, days or weeks — it takes for a definitive victory to be called. You’ll likely see a lot of characters from Gizmodo popping in and out, in various emotional states. We’ll be trying to hold it together.

Mainlining the election needle is tantamount to self-harm; closing this tab, deleting Twitter from your phone, logging off for the foreseeable future and reading a book would probably be the kinder option for all of us. But let’s not kid ourselves, none of us are going to do that. So we might as well take a deep breath and lean into oblivion together.

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