2020 Has So Broken Me That This KFC-Branded Console Is Giving Me Joy

2020 Has So Broken Me That This KFC-Branded Console Is Giving Me Joy

It only took 15 years after the now-infamous World of Warcraft raid for someone to Frankenstein a PC and a fried chicken warmer together, but if anyone was going to do it, I’m glad it was KFC. Bless Colonel Sanders — the KFConsole is going to be an actual thing!

KFC teamed up with Intel, CoolerMaster, Asus, and Seagate to create a mini PC that can keep fried chicken warm at the same time. Absolutely no one asked for this, but now that it’s really happening, I want to eat chicken out of this ridiculous piece of kit just because.


According to CoolerMaster, the KFConsole is housed in a custom, bucket-like Cooler Master NC100 chassis, stuffed with an Intel Nuc 9 extreme compute element, a hot swappable mini-GPU slot for an Asus GPU (or another that will fit in the case), and two 1TB PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSDs. The only thing missing is an actual release date and cost. If the price is similar to the Razer Tomahawk, it will be the most expensive consumer chicken-warming PC on the planet.

Given CoolerMaster’s expertise in keeping gaming rigs everywhere cool, I’m curious from an engineering standpoint how the case itself is designed to manage airflow — and if the chicken will actually be able to absorb enough heat output by the components to stay warm and help keep the inside of the chassis cool.

I also wonder how CoolerMaster intends to keep crumbs from dropping into the components. From the photos, it looks like there’s some sort of mechanism to do that, but it’s not clear how the case is designed to divert hot air to the chicken and keep pieces of fried skin from getting stuck in the GPUs fan blades at the same time.

Also, how many pieces of chicken does it hold? A few drumsticks? What happens if someone packs too much chicken in there? How do you clean it?!

Is this thing absolutely ridiculous? Yes. Is it bringing me an incredible amount of joy? Also yes. It could be the worst functioning mini PC on the planet, but oh man, imagine if fried chicken ended up being a better way to cool down a system than regular fans.


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