WandaVision’s New Trailer Is a Nod to Scarlet Witch’s Most Twisted Storyline

WandaVision’s New Trailer Is a Nod to Scarlet Witch’s Most Twisted Storyline

After days of Marvel teasing that something WandaVision-related might be dropping sometime this week, Disney’s most-recent Investor Day delivered in the form of a brand new trailer.

Unlike WandaVision’s first trailer that focused on playing up the series’ use of various kinds of sitcom aesthetics to tell a genre-bending story, the newest digs more into the twisted plot at hand and suggests that Wanda herself might be the source of all the chaos.

It all seems as is if whatever is going on in the town of Westview where Wanda and Vision settle down — the warping of reality to turn the down into different kinds of picturesque suburban hubs — is under Wanda’s control.

What’s interesting about moments where Wanda interacts with other characters like Monica Rambeau and Agnes, seemingly an analogue to the comics witch Agatha Harkness, none of them seem aware that what’s happening is out of the ordinary. When Wanda and Vision both resolve that they’re going to protect their home, you get the sense that, WandaVision’s going to incorporate some narrative elements of the infamous House of M comics arc in which the Scarlet Witch warps reality into a false paradise.

Towards the end of the trailer, you get the briefest of glimpses Wanda seeing the Mind Stone that was once embedded within Vision’s head and keeping him alive before she was forced to shatter it in Infinity War. It feels safe to assume that moment’s meant to be particularly important to WandaVision’s plot as it’s increasingly looking like by the end of the series, Wanda might not end up being cured of the demons plaguing her, which could make her the perfect sort of big deal to be addressed on the big screen down the line.

WandaVision — starring Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Kat Dennings, Kathryn Hahn, and Teyonah Parris — hits Disney+ on January 15.

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