Lora DiCarlo Brings Hot Vibes to CES, As In They Are Warm to the Touch

Lora DiCarlo Brings Hot Vibes to CES, As In They Are Warm to the Touch

A lot has changed for Lora DiCarlo since CES 2019, when the Consumer Technology Association stripped its innovative Osé sex toy of a well-deserved CES Innovation Award. Not only does CES fuck now, Lora DiCarlo is also announcing a new product line for the all-virtual CES 2021.

This year, Lora DiCarlo is releasing three new ergonomic sex toys that incorporate “advanced thermally conductive plastics.” In other words, these toys are heated to simulate body temperature and heated massage devices so you can get a nice boost to your circulation, relieve muscle tension, and “increase overall sexual pleasure.”

The three toys — named Drift, Tilt, and Sway — all feature a new nylon-based thermal conductive polymer that’s 15-20 times better at providing fast, consistent internal heating than traditional plastics used for sex toys. The Drift is a handheld bullet, while the Tilt is meant to be a P-spot/G-spot plug dual stimulation vibe. Meanwhile, the Sway is a dual stimulation wand-shaped “warming massager.” They’re all currently on sale at Lora DiCarlo’s website, with the Drift retailing for $US95 ($123), the Tilt for $US140 ($182), and the Sway for $US150 ($195).

“2020 was a year of incredible learning and growth for us, along with the world at large,” Lora Haddock DiCarlo, the company’s founder and CEO, said in a statement. “We rely heavily on data and are so pleased with customer response to our current product line, including the newly evolved Osé 2 to meet the needs of multiple body types. Our new heat line offers even more innovative options that stay true to our mission of creating sex positivity and encouraging sexual wellness and exploration across genders.”

The pandemic has been a good time for sex tech. A Juniper Research study found that there was an 87% increase in sex toy sales last year, which honestly makes sense given lockdowns have forced people to get more creative with their love lives. Lora DiCarlo says it’s sold $US7.5 ($10) million worth of sex toys in the year since Osé launched, and its toys are now available in 37 countries. Oh, and it now counts actress Cara Delevingne as a co-owner and creative advisor.

While Lora DiCarlo isn’t the only sex tech company out there, it is the one that’s most closely associated with CES, largely due to that kerfuffle in 2019. While the CTA initially doubled down on its prudish reasoning for taking away Lora DiCarlo’s award, it later backtracked. Last year, the CTA introduced a “pilot year” for sex tech exhibitors and Lora DiCarlo had a booth front-and-centre on the showroom floor. (That said, the CTA did enact a dress code for these exhibitors despite allowing scantily clad booth babes for years, and not every sex tech company was given the same treatment.) Considering that CES 2021 is all-digital due to the pandemic, and that sex tech’s inclusion wasn’t a given this year, it’s nice to see Lora DiCarlo maintain its presence at the show.

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for local Australian pricing and availability.

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