Ray Fisher Responds to Cyborg Being Removed From The Flash

Ray Fisher Responds to Cyborg Being Removed From The Flash

The ongoing conflict between WarnerMedia and Justice League actor Ray Fisher just reached another level. A week after news broke that the actor’s role in the upcoming Flash film had been cut, the actor has responded with a long, detailed letter on his Twitter adding more flame to the fire.

In the letter, which is embedded below, Fisher clears up what he believes are a few misconceptions surrounding the story and details the ways he believes DC Films President Walter Hamada has undermined investigations into conditions on the Justice League set, specifically to protect producer Geoff Johns.

Gizmodo has reached out to Warner Bros. to see if the company had any comment on the contents of the letter, but has yet to hear back as of publication. We will update the story if and when that happens. Of note though, a source had told us Cyborg’s role was, indeed, a cameo, despite Fisher’s comment here.

Fisher’s problems with Warner Bros. were first made public in July when he accused Joss Whedon of being abusive during the post-Zack Snyder reshoots of Justice League. Warner Bros. officially launched an investigation into those allegations, which Fisher reportedly wouldn’t take part in, but it’s in that time where his new issues of Hamada’s alleged interference take place. As Fisher says, Hamada’s actions are a separate, additional issue.

What, if anything, Fisher’s latest details means for this whole saga is unclear. WarnerMedia has reportedly been trying to “move on” from the whole thing saying its investigation had taken place and “remedial action has been taken.” But it seems Fisher isn’t satisfied with that. The plot thickens.