Viral 5G Conspiracy Diagram Actually Shows How to Build Your Own Guitar Pedal

Viral 5G Conspiracy Diagram Actually Shows How to Build Your Own Guitar Pedal

Does this diagram show the secret plans of Bill Gates and his minions to inject 5G chips into the bloodstreams of unsuspecting people who get the covid-19 vaccine? Not quite. But it can sure scoop the hell out of those mids.

The schematic, which has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter, purports to show how vaccines that have been developed to fight against the coronavirus have been altered to actually inject electronic chips into human beings.

In reality, the schematic shows how to make a guitar pedal. Specifically, the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, which is great for boosting your bass and treble while scooping out the middle frequencies, helping deliver a class metal distortion.

The diagram made its way into English-language Twitter only recently, but the design appears to have originated as a joke on Romanian-language Facebook in late December. From there, it appears people in other European countries like Italy took it seriously and it spread more widely.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

The English translation from the original Facebook post:

The Russians managed to remove nanochips from the Pfizer vaccine and published a scheme with functions! I’ll walk you through everything in no time.

The chip consists of only 4 processors and 4 transistors. The signal through the 5G network enters the INPUT on the left. That’s how they control you.

Power is made by body heat and all parts are connected to that voltage. The signal is processed in the first processor with a frequency filter and transistor, which amplify it.

The post then gets into how the 5G implant can alter your brain. Or your gain, as it were:

The increased signal continues to go to another processor that controls the MT-2 GAIN or how much impact it will have on your psyche. This control is variable and can strengthen or reduce it at will. In the original record it is said that that part has, I quote: “An unholy amount of gain”, which is very bad.

Romanian news sites that flagged the post blurred out the original Facebook jokester’s face and it’s not clear who first posted it. But the over-the-top language gives us a clue that this is just a joke, and some people clearly didn’t get it.

If you take a closer look at the schematic, which has been altered to read “Covid 5G Chip Diagram” and “Confidential,” there are still plenty of signals that this is a diagram for a guitar pedal. For starters, it says “footswitch,” which is the part of the pedal you push down with your foot to activate it.

There’s also that big part in the middle where it says MT-2, the designation given to the Boss Metal Zone pedal. Boss pedals are given two letters and a number, with the latter typically referring to the numbered released. Boss’s incredibly popular orange DS-1 Distortion pedal, for instance, was released before the DS-2 Turbo Distortion.

As the former owner of a guitar pedal similar to the MT-2, I can say this diagram will get you some badass tones. I purchased a used Boss Hyper Metal pedal back in the late 1990s and it helped me shred my way through high school. But there is, of course, a dark side to people on the internet believing these ridiculous conspiracy theories about vaccines.

A nurse in Wisconsin, for example, was recently arrested after he intentionally left over 500 doses of the Moderna vaccine out of refrigeration in an attempt to destroy the jab’s efficacy. The nurse, identified as 46-year-old Steven Brandenburg, subscribed to a number of conspiracy theories and thought vaccines for covid-19 would harm people and “change their DNA.”

The nurse has been fired, according to the New York Times. But it’s probably a safe bet that Brandenburg learned a lot of what he currently believes through the same online tunnels of misinformation and disinformation currently delivering so much bullshit like this guitar pedal story.

And while it’s at least mildly amusing to us, there are plenty of people out there who take this stuff seriously. Where do we go from here with such a broken media culture flourishing online — one that some people predicted in the most depressing ways? Your guess is as good as ours, but this isn’t going to be fixed overnight, assuming the internet is still around. All of that happens to be part of that nurse’s worldview, by the way.

“He told me that if I didn’t understand by now that he is right and that the world is crashing down around us, I am in serious denial,” Brandenburg’s wife recently said in an affidavit filed in divorce court. “He continued to say that the government is planning cyberattacks and plans to shut down the power grid.”

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