Kevin Can F**k Himself Looks Like a Murderous WandaVision

Kevin Can F**k Himself Looks Like a Murderous WandaVision

I love the smell of female rage in the morning. Smells like victory.

Emmy winner and Schitt’s Creek angel human Annie Murphy is back with a show Vanity Fair describes as a “televisual mindfuck,” and frankly I can’t think of a better turn of phrase to define this deliciously bonkers premise.

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Murphy stars as Allison, your standard hot working-class wife of a misogynistic shlub with a bunch of useless friends Allison is expected to mother, the basic premise of most early aughts sitcoms. But there’s a bit of a almost-genre-y twist: sometimes, Allison drifts in and out of the meta laugh-tracked set and into the fourth wall of homicidal rage.

It remains to be seen if Kevin’s reason for Allison’s ability to defy her sitcom existence will have a WandaVision-esque genre twist, but even without it, the show wants to ask things about sitcoms as a genre through its inventive premise. “In the sitcom world, so much sexism and misogyny and racism and homophobia and bigotry is cloaked by this laugh track,” Murphy told Vanity Fair, highlighting “the impact that these ‘jokes’ have on human beings…to take a step back and just be able to say: What have we been laughing at all of these years, and is it funny?”

I am exceptionally here for this unleashed fury.

Kevin Can F**k Himself premieres on AMC and AMC+ this winter in the U.S. Stay tuned for where it’ll end up in Australia.

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