Quip’s New Mouthwash Dispenser Is Lovely and Also a Little Unnecessary

Quip’s New Mouthwash Dispenser Is Lovely and Also a Little Unnecessary

Quip would like to upgrade your mouthwash experience. But do you need to?

The latest in the company’s growing line of teeth tech products is a stylish refillable mouthwash dispenser. For the last week or so, I’ve been testing one the company sent to me, and I will admit that its design feels like an upgrade over the traditional experience of handling an extra-large, very heavy bottle of mouthwash that would otherwise be tucked away in a cupboard somewhere. And having it sit on my counter for a week did remind me to swish more regularly, which was great. I will say that like many of Quip’s products, it feels unnecessary. But it’s also currently back-ordered through early March, which gives me the impression that Quip might be onto something here.

Quip Mouthwash Dispenser

Quip Mouthwash Dispenser

What is it?

A mouthwash dispenser and refill subscription service.


$US10 ($13) for matte white plastic version, $US20 ($26) for all metal styles.


It's convenient and looks nice on a bathroom counter.


It's a little more expensive than drug store options.

Like others in the company’s product line, the mouthwash starter kit comes in two forms: a plastic matte white version (around $13) and a metal version (about $26) in gold, rose gold, black, and silver. Fans of Quip’s minimalist designs will not be disappointed here — the dispenser itself is pretty unassuming while sitting on your counter, which is the whole point. Its bottom detaches from the primary chamber to allow a mouthwash concentrate to twist in. Push a button at the top of the device to dispense a teeny amount of the liquid, pour it into the small plastic measuring cup, add water, and swish. That’s it. Quip has not managed to revolutionise the actual process of mouth-washing, and mouthwash concentrate isn’t new either.

Quip’s formulation is a mint-flavored 4x concentrate. It’s alcohol-free, vegan-friendly, and contains fluoride, xylitol, and cetylpyridinium chloride. When mixed with three parts water, the product dilutes to 470 mL of mouthwash. A subscription option will ship refills to you on a recurring basis if you so choose. While certainly convenient, it’s not necessarily cheaper than just picking up a bottle from the grocery store — depending on what you normally buy. Refills of the concentrate cost $US7.50 ($10) per bottle, which Quip says amounts to roughly 470ml. A similarly sized 500ml bottle of Listerine, meanwhile, costs $5 at your local pharmacy.

Photo: Catie Keck/Gizmodo
Photo: Catie Keck/Gizmodo

The Quip concentrate bottles are recyclable, though as with all product packaging, you should check the specific guidelines for waste management in your area before tossing one in the recycling bin. Quip also mentioned in press materials that the refill bottles are meant to reduce plastic waste by using smaller bottles. But there’s still the whole issue of the large metal and plastic dispenser that you’re buying and will, presumably, one day give away or toss unless you are the kind of person prepared to make a lifelong commitment to using a single liquid dispenser until the day you die. And even then.

I do think that there’s an argument to be made for this product, though. Much like Quip’s equally attractive Floss Pick — which, for the record, I adored — I found that just having either on my bathroom counter reminded me to floss or swish more. I might not have had them out had they been drug store versions with unsightly packaging that can make limited counter spaces look crowded. Neither takes up much space, with the dispenser taking up about the same real estate as a large cup might.

On a purely aesthetic level, I can also appreciate making a space more functionally beautiful with products that perform their jobs without being eyesores. As someone in a fairly small apartment at the moment, every single surface in my house has a job. Especially while spending so much time in this space because of the global pandemic, keeping my home tidy has been super important to my overall mental health. Having this sitting out on my bathroom counter didn’t interrupt the space at all, and as I mentioned, I found myself swishing more as a result of it being out.

Do you need a designated mouthwash dispenser? No, you absolutely do not. But as with any of Quip’s stylish products, if having one improves your oral hygiene or makes your space feel marginally more livable, by all means, level up your mouthwash.

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