Amazon’s New Horror Anthology Them Looks Absolutely Terrifying

Amazon’s New Horror Anthology Them Looks Absolutely Terrifying

Hopefully it’s light outside when you’re reading this because the trailer for Amazon’s Them is creepy as hell.

Them is a new show coming to the streamer beginning April 9 from creator Little Marvin and executive producer Lena Waithe. According to the press release, it’s a “limited anthology series that explores terror in America” with season one taking place in the 1950s. Sounds kind of like American Horror Story, but even more shaped by specific time periods and settings.

In this case, that place is 1950s Los Angeles as a Black family from North Carolina moves into an all-white neighbourhood. That’s scary enough, but then, well, shit starts to go down. Here’s the teaser for Them.

You get some strong Twilight Zone, Get Out, American Horror Story, Stepford Wives vibes from that trailer, right? Like anything is possible and no one is safe. The way it uses music and titles is truly effective in getting that intensity across too — and all of that is before you get to the terrifying man at the very end.

Them stars Deborah Ayorinde (Luke Cage), Ashley Thomas (24: Legacy), Alison Pill (Star Trek: Picard), Shahadi Wright Joseph (Us), Melody Hurd, and Ryan Kwanten (True Blood).

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