6 Ridiculous NFTs People Have Paid Actual Money For

6 Ridiculous NFTs People Have Paid Actual Money For

Every day there seems to be a fresh NFT story hot off the presses. And it usually involves something cooked. So here’s a round of the stupidest things that have been turned into NFT recently.

Hold up, what’s NFT?

‘NFT’ stands for non-fungible token, which is a unique digital object that exists on the blockchain, like cryptocurrency.

What differentiates NFTs is that they’re one of a kind, whereas crypto coins can’t be distinguished from one another.

This makes an NFT a collectors item that can’t be replicated, hence giving it value to anyone who cares about that.

This could be a work of art, a digital baseball card, a music track or even a tweet.

Pretty much any digital object can be turned into an NFT, as you will soon see.

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Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet

Let’s start with the ultra-privileged here.

Over the weekend, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey put an NFT of his first ever tweet up for auction.

“just setting up my twttr,” the tweet reads.

At the time of writing the bid is sitting at $US2.5 million. Once the auction is over and Dorsey accepts the bid, the an EFT version of the tweet will be minted and live on the blockchain with a digital signature attached.

Considering Dorsey’s wealth and how bad crypto is for the environment, I sure hope he plans on donating the proceeds.

If you want to learn more about how this works, and how it enabled me to turn a tweet of my butt into NFT, click here.

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Logan Paul Pokemon Card

Yeah, even Logan Paul got in on the action.

Back in February the YouTube celebrity dropped $US2 million on 36 packs of first edition Pokemon booster decks.

In addition to opening them on stream, Paul auctioned off every pack. But the winners got a little added bonus.

Paul collaborated with Bondly Finance to create 44 unique NFTs that turned him into a digital Pokemon card.

From the sounds of it, it was super effective.

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Azealia Banks Sex Tape NFT


Just this week Azealia Banks upped the crypto ante by releasing an NFT sex tape titled ‘I Fucked Ryder Ripps’.

It sold for 10 Ethereum, which us roughly $22,500.

Banks hinted at doing something wild in the NFT space in a now-deleted post.

“Can someone please do something outrageous with this NFT shit?” Banks wrote.

“Absolutely none of y’all have the balls to actually fuck. Can I see some ass and tiddies in this bitch? Where is the cock and balls?”

Suffice to say, she took matters into her own hands.

Here’s the full description from the auction, which ended earlier this week:

“This sale is for the full rights and sole access to the first audio sex-tape to be minted on the blockchain. Recorded in February 2021 by Azealia Banks and boyfriend, Ryder Ripps, this sound based artwork is sure to titillate for its full 24:22 duration. Upon purchase, a WAV file will be delivered to the buyer in addition to a 1 of 1 signed LP vinyl record. Full ownership, including limitless distribution and display rights are included in this sale. Don’t miss out on this historic & sexy event.”

Taco Bell

Yeah, brands are getting into it now, too.

U.S. chain Taco bell created its own NFT gifs and memes, which it sold over at Rarible.

In addition to being the proud owner of taco-themed NFT, the owners also earned themselves a $SU500 gift card for the store.

Lindsay Lohan Herbie

As part of International Women’s Day, Lindsay Lohan announced a piece of NFT art that sure has a lot going on.

In addition to depicting Lohan and a VW Beetle – a nod to Herbie: Full Loaded – it contains the phrase ‘Bitcoin to the Moon’.

Anyone familiar with the recent GameStop shennanigans on reddit will recognise the mash up here.

Women are the architects of society. This #NFT is super special as it is a concept from the most iconic work of my career! Representing all the women in crypto who push, #Bitcoin,”Lohan said in a tweet.

At the time of writing the bid for this piece was sitting at over $US12,000.

Considering how big NFTs are getting, we’re sure there will be more that can be added to this list in the near future.

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