Supergirl’s Final Season Trailer Has a Lot of Lex Appeal

Supergirl’s Final Season Trailer Has a Lot of Lex Appeal

Horrible wordplay intended, of course, but what else should I call when Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) is absolutely dominating… everything?

The first Supergirl trailer for the CW’s final season of the superhero show begins with Lex somehow giving himself superpowers for the umpteenth time, so that’s not so much a big deal as his new-found immortality. Plus, Kara (Melissa Benoist) says he’s put a full half of the population in danger, and Lex even plans to “fix” all the other planets of the universe after dealing with Earth, so scoot over Darkseid.

And, if you’re like me and suddenly wondered if Lex was also wielding a Green Lantern power ring at 0:13, it’s just one of the Kryptonite rings the members of Leviathan had. (Although we know there’s at least one power ring already kicking around in the Arrowverse.)

[referenced id=”1680230″ url=”” thumb=”×143.jpg” title=”Black Lightning Is Breaking Bad and Burning Bright” excerpt=”In Black Lightning’s third season, the city of Freeland became a new kind of war zone as the American Security Agency and the nation of Markovia set out to turn our heroes’ hometown into a profitable source for the world’s growing demand for living, metahuman weapons. Together with his vigilante…”]

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, co-showrunner Jessica Queller clarifies that Lex has used Obsidian to mind-control half the population, so yeah, they definitely need some saving. However, Queller also says Supergirl is “going to really sacrifice her life and put her life on the line to save her friends and humanity.” And apparently, that’s just the first seven episodes.

Supergirl wouldn’t be Supergirl if it didn’t tackle some real-world issues, and the rest of the final season’s episodes have been inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and how people have felt “disempowered” by the pandemic, according to the other co-showrunner, Robert Rovner. “We were trying to reflect on that and kind of try to address what empowers people, and what our heroes could do to help both set an example and kind of explore some of the issues that keep people from feeling empowered,” he explained.

The best news in the EW article is that Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) will finally become a full-fledged member of the Super Friends, working with all of Kara’s pals instead of remaining perpetually on the periphery (which was exacerbated when Lena discovered Kara had been lying to her about her secret identity), according to Queller. Honestly, Lena might be the show’s most interesting character, at least to me, so I’m excited at the chance of her finally reaching the status of Official Good Guy. She’s earned it!

Supergirl returns for its sixth and final season on March 31. You’ll be able to catch it on Binge in Australia.