Umbrella Academy’s Tom Hopper Says Season 3 Is Not Exactly Coming Soon

Umbrella Academy’s Tom Hopper Says Season 3 Is Not Exactly Coming Soon

In the final moments of The Umbrella Academy’s second season, the Hargreeves siblings — never ones to find themselves that far from an apocalypse — were surprised to wind up in a rather familiar reality that, all things considered, seemed quite normal save for a few key differences.

The finale made it more than obvious that Netflix intended to bring its adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s beloved comic back for a third outing, but it became unclear as to when the new season might begin production once the covid-19 pandemic essentially shut down the film industry in 2020. There have been more than a handful of shows like WandaVision and Black Lightning that managed to keep production going during the pandemic, but according to Umbrella Academy star Tom Hopper, fans shouldn’t expect to see the Hargreeves back with any great speed.

[referenced id=”1663485″ url=”” thumb=”×169.jpg” title=”Netflix Grabs Cube for Pivotal Cube-Based Umbrella Academy Season 3 Role” excerpt=”The alt-reality Sparrow Academy is coming to Netflix’s Umbrella Academy, and we now know who will be playing its members — including our new favourite performer: “EXISTENTIAL DREAD INDUCING PSYKRONIUM CUBE,” who was perhaps slightly typecast in the role of Christopher, a telekinetic cube.”]

In a recent interview with Collider, Hopper explained how, due to new protocols put in place to reduce risk of covid-19 exposure and transmission, shooting The Umbrella Academy’s third season’s just taking longer overall.

“We’re not that far into it at the moment, so we’ve got a long way to go, but it’s good,” Hopper said. “The great thing is the material, the work is amazing, so every day on set is, like I say, a joy and so much fun.”

While production on season three’s barely begun in Hopper’s approximation, what he’s seen of the season’s scripts (which are not yet all completed) has him confident that the next chapter of the Netflix series — which has already expanded far beyond the comics source material — will be worth the wait.

“The scripts are so great, season three, it’s really such a joy to be doing it,” Hopper said. “I feel very privileged to be a part of this show. And I think the best thing really is that we’re all so comfortable with each other now.”

What Hopper is saying quite matter-of-factly here is that because The Umbrella Academy’s production team is still acting as if there’s a pandemic on (because there is), fans have to make peace with the reality that the show’s going to take a bit more time before it’s fully complete. Though this may come as a disappointment to some, it’s a good thing both because it’s prioritising the cast and crew’s safety, and because the last thing that anyone needs right now is a haphazardly-thrown together superhero show.

With vaccines now rolling out across the country, businesses are going to start opening back up gradually, and soon enough, Hollywood will be back to the new normal it’s been insisting is right around the corner for months at this point. When that time comes, there will be more of The Umbrella Academy. Until then, though, maybe just rewatch what’s already out there. Or better yet: consider reading some comic books.

Just an idea.