Here’s What You Think Are The Most Overpriced Cars

Here’s What You Think Are The Most Overpriced Cars

All cars are expensive now. Average transaction prices have been rising, and as I’m sure you know, they’re approaching $US40k. But some models are reaching for the big money. The Jeep Grand Wagoneer is one of those models. Top trims start at $US103,995 ($133,384). Six figures for a Jeep? We’ll see!

We asked readers what they thought were the most overpriced cars. These were their answers.


That’s easy, trucks (F-150, Silverado, Ram). They don’t have expensive engineering or manufacturing, people just pay for the size because they equate size with cost. That’s why the profit margins are so high.

I don’t hold it against the big-3 for making money on them, if people are willing to pay a bunch of money for something that’s cheap to make and engineer…..go for it.

Suggested by:DeWayneV8

Mid To High Trim Toyota Camry

An medium/high optioned Camry is insanely priced. I went to an auto show back in 2019 and saw the new Camry being sold for almost $US40k. End of the day it’s a FWD econo car with options.

Suggested by: Adam Grant (Facebook)

Jeep Wrangler 392

The Jeep Wrangler 392 at$ 70k+. Its a pure cash grab considering the same engine is available in a $US32k Ram 2500.

Suggested by: Jim is one of KFCs secret ingredients

Mercedes 4X4 Squared

Here’s What You Think Are The Most Overpriced Cars
Image: Mercedes

Mercedes 4×4 squared. 300k for a car designed in the 70s with the driving characteristics of a transport that is supposed to be great off road but driven by rich people to go to the mall.

Suggested by: Phillip Hirschmann (Facebook)

Used Cars

Used cars. 50, 0 km? 6 years old? that’ll be your life savings and your first born please.

Suggested by: moparded2

Cadillac ELR

Here’s What You Think Are The Most Overpriced Cars
Image: Cadillac

For a few years it was the Cadillac ELR, $US75K for a volt with 2 less doors and no hatchback? What were they smoking?

Suggested by: Jim Kinghorn (Facebook)


No one said Tesla? The cars run well, but for and finish is terrible. Model S and X are 6 figure cars, and even with almost 10 years of building, they still don’t have production down. Pair that with $US50 ($64)-60k model 3 and Y where bumpers fall off the in rain and roofs fly off on the highway. Even overpriced trucks keep all their pieces on.

To say nothing of the promises on value that are never delivered (see:30k model 3 circa 2018).

Suggested by: JustAnotherOtherBurner


Here’s What You Think Are The Most Overpriced Cars
Image: Jaguar

Any Jaguar. They’re fun, beautiful cars. But everything starts to break around 60k miles and their value plummets every year. Just bought a $US90k Jag? Good luck getting more than $US60k for it next year. Keeping it for 5 years, I’ll trade you my Ford Pinto for it if you throw in some cash.

Suggested by: Michael DuPlantis (Facebook)

Collector Sports Cars

Here’s What You Think Are The Most Overpriced Cars
Image: Aston Martin

Collector sports cars. I get nostalgia, but I don’t think we’re ever going to be able to benefit from normal depreciation in higher-end enthusiast cars again. You hear stories about a parent’s friend in high school who drove a Porsche 914 or that great deal on an Espada that they could have afforded but passed on and regretted later. The seeming end of ICE vehicles, no more manuals, and BAT have driven the market so crazy high that normal people won’t ever be able to afford anything remotely exciting from our childhoods.

Suggested by: savethemanualsbmw335ix

Old Toyota Tacomas and 4Runners

Here’s What You Think Are The Most Overpriced Cars
Image: Toyota

Used Toyota Tacoma’s and 4Runners.

Sure, old tech is desirable, but at a huge premium compared to much higher tech rivals? Eek. Still want a Taco though.

Suggested by: Shane Jensen (Facebook)

Anything Using The Camry Platform At Lexus

Here’s What You Think Are The Most Overpriced Cars
Image: Lexus

Every single vehicle sold under the Lexus badge that’s based on the Camry. Especially the RX300 (or whatever number it’s at now). It answers the question that nobody asked “How can one pay too much for more boring version of the Camry that makes other clueless mums at the fancy outdoor mall think I’m rich when I’m really not?”.

How much does the RX sell for? I have no idea, but I know it has to be more than the Toyota version (Highlander? Also boring, but you know what you’re getting). Why spend that much money on something that provides absolutely zero excitement or even less luxury than other brands/models? You’re essentially just paying way too much money for a badge.

It’s also goddamn ugly.

Suggested by: Autojunkie

Subaru WRX STi

Here’s What You Think Are The Most Overpriced Cars
Image: Subaru

I hate to be “that guy” especially since I drive the Ford equivalent of it, but I think it’s the WRX STI. It’s an awesome car and I love seeing them on the road don’t get me wrong… but it hasn’t fundamentally changed since they introduced it in 2004 and its value prop in that time has gone down because of it. New it’s almost 40k! Great car, way overpriced.

Suggested by: Kuhat


Here’s What You Think Are The Most Overpriced Cars
Image: BMW

Damn near any BMW, but I’m going to single out the entry level 3 series after options. Fifty. Seven. Thousand. Dollars. for a turbo 4 banger churning out less horsepower than a Chrysler Minivan at 255 HP (I know, BMW underrates their engines). Their interior materials feel cheap, they’ve tried finding ways to nickle and dime for subscription features that are standard on cars costing a third the price, the mechanicals don’t hold up, hell they generally feel like crap after 60k miles, and their warranty is shit (well it’s shit for the entire segment, save for Genesis). The brand sells a badge, and except for a select few models, there is very little substance behind it.

Suggested by: Ex-Parrot

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