Ron Watkins Is Done With Q and Has Moved On to Aliens

Ron Watkins Is Done With Q and Has Moved On to Aliens

Ron Watkins, conspiracy-peddler extraordinaire, has found his next gig: leaking “disclosures” about extraterrestrials, Julian Assange-style.

Yes, do yourself a favour and check out “AlienLeaks,” a new website Watkins just launched that he claims will be a destination for secret “never before seen” documents and disclosures regarding extraterrestrials. In an insult to Assange and actual whistleblowers everywhere, Watkins further stated that the site was “heavily” inspired by WikiLeaks.

In case you don’t know, Watkins, also known by his Telegram handle “CodeMonkeyZ,” is basically a professional conspiracy theorist. He lives in the Philippines, where he apparently spends his days promulgating the crap-pop conspiracy fodder of our day. Until recently, Watkins was neck-deep in the QAnon movement — some have even ventured to argue that he is the “Q,” of legend. He and his father, Jim Watkins, were the primary subjects of HBO’s recent docu-series Q: Into the Storm, which examined the QAnon phenomenon and the Watkins’ ties to it. Ron was formerly the site administrator for 8chan, an image board where the conspiratorial-minded were known to gather (the elder Watkins created and ran the site). Both have largely been credited with helping to spread the QAnon conspiracy theory widely across the internet.

But as of recently, Q’s star is waning. Aliens are the new thing.

“AlienLeaks will be focused on collecting, curating, and publishing leaked documents regarding extraterrestrial technology, biology, and communications,” Watkins’ new website hilariously claims in a “press release.” “If you are a scientist, researcher, in communication with aliens, or otherwise have access to original — never before seen — documents regarding alien technology, biology, or communications, please consider reading the AlienLeaks Submit Documents with Tor page for further information regarding the process for submitting documents to AlienLeaks,” it continues shamelessly.

On Telegram, Watkins let his audience know what the situation is: “The government is currently gearing up for some kind of soft alien disclosure. They will only reveal the tip of the iceberg.”

The timing of this whole project is appropriate since the government is, indeed, gearing up for a disclosure of some kind — or at least claims it is. As required by a stipulation in the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021, the U.S. intelligence community is required to deliver an unclassified report about what it knows about UFOs to Congressional intelligence and armed services committees sometime next month. Knowing America’s spooks and their reputation for saying little except carefully curated and calculating bullshit, we may not actually be in for much. But you never know.

Indeed, in a head-spinning reversal, America’s national security state has gone from a decades-long dismissive eye-roll re: UFOs to saying that, uh, yeah, they’re probably real! What appear to be officially sanctioned disclosures by U.S. Navy and Air Force personnel about sightings in the line of duty keep popping up on 60 Minutes, in the New York Times, and in pretty much any other large, prestige news organisation that will have them — suggesting that the military establishment, for whatever reason, wants the American public to know that they suddenly take UFOs very seriously. It’s all very weird and surely leaves the average person wondering what kind of bizarro world we’ve all just slipped into.

I doubt we will get any satisfaction by visiting “AlienLeaks” — unless, of course, you consider laughter the balm for life’s mysteries. In that case, I’m sure it’ll be great.

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